I can’t tell you how very excited I am to have new clothes to wear! I only buy clothes 2 or 3 times a year now, which would explain why this blog is seriously lacking fashion and personal style posts (take a look!).
Before this ASOS haul, I bought a couple of chunky knitted jumpers from Primark in November, and before that I treated myself to a timeless little black dress, and there was a mini ASOS haul back in April. Come to think of it, those really were the only three time I treated myself to new clothes last year.

What I Bought From ASOS

It’s a good thing and a bad thing that I’ve lost interest in shopping for clothes. The good is that I have saved myself A LOT of money, but obviously, the bad side is that I’m wearing the same things over and over again. Let’s just say that I have become incredibly good at the whole ‘capsule wardrobe’ thing! 
The older I get, the less bothered I am about fashion. I prefer to spend money on things for my home than clothes (oh good God, I just heard myself say that out loud. Who even am I).
It’s a mixture of not knowing what style I genuinely like and the fact that I despise ill-fitting clothes; and I can tell that some high street brands have tried to cut corners (and quality – whereas price tags have kept going going up and up), so I have to really REALLY like something to pay money for it. I have to know that I’ll be able to wear the item hundreds and hundreds of time. 
But I am fed up of wearing the same clothes, plus, I think I need to incorporate colour back in to my life. I’ve been wearing mostly black and it is getting a tad boring for me.
I enjoyed browsing on ASOS recently. Initially, I was looking for a dress that I could wear to my little sister’s dance show next week, but as I’ve also got ahead of myself and currently have Spring on my mind, so I decided to give myself a budget of £100 (Crimbo money) to (finally) buy some new clothes to fill my (very full but rarely used) wardrobe and here is what I bought. Why the hell not, eh!
I went £9 over budget but I managed to choose 5 things from ASOS that I really like. 

Polkadot Fluted Sleeves Skater Dress

Polkadot Fluted Bell Sleeves Skater Dress (shop link)

This New Look dress is the one I have chosen to wear to my sister’s dance show, along with the Kurt Keiger black heels I got for Christmas. I love everything about this black and white polka dot dress and I am glad I bought it! It’s flattering, fits well, is comfortable, and non-restrictive in movement. It’s perfect and is only £24.99.
The bells sleeves are 3/4 length and are a flared, fluted shape. They are great as they make the dress look more interesting, but also, because they’re 3/4 length, they’re don’t cause nuisance by dangling in places you don’t want them to dangle in (mainly, food!) ! I love it!

red floral skater dress

Floral Contrast Skater Dress (shop link)

Red isn’t usually my colour but this dress looked interesting due to the two different fabrics use. They’re the same but different! It’s a very pretty dress and it is going to look great when Spring finally arrives, so I will save it for then. It has a round scoop neck so once it’s warm enough to lose the scarf, I am putting this beauty on!
The only annoying thing about this dress is how the fabric sticks to you and it becomes to static-y, I’m like ‘No one come near me. Don’t touch me. Omg. It’s going to spark and we’re going to die’. ?? Does anyone have any tips on how to get fabric to become less static?
monochrome stripy dress

Monochrome Striped Tea Dress (shop link)

Hmm. So I’m hardly incorporating colour with this monochrome dress, but when I came across is on the website, I thought it looked really lovely and flattering on the model. Obviously, it doesn’t look quite as nice on me, it is an inch or two too long, and I think the middle panel of the dress looks really weird in real life. Sadly, this one will be the only item from this haul to be returned for a refund. 
t-shirts from ASOS, Stripy t-shirt, spotty t-shirt

Stripy T-Shirt (shop link)
Spotty T-Shirt (shop link)

My day to day style is most definitely black skinny jeans and a loose-fitting top. If it’s cold, then I’d throw a cardi over the top, but I work from home most days so jeans and t-shirt is what I feel most comfortable in. 
Two patterns you simply can’t go wrong with are stripes and polka dots! I keep buying stripey tops and I don’t need anymore but I couldn’t resist buying a new one since some of the ones I bought in the past have become so tatty and faded. 
Both of these t-shirt are quite boxy and the fabric doesn’t flow as nicely as I’d like but they do look great with putting much effort in!
Please check out my personal style blogposts. I’m sure I’ll be updating my blog with new outfit posts soon, so you can see what these look like on me!
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4 thoughts on “Spring Fashion ASOS Haul

  1. I haven't purchased clothes for a while too, but like you say you end up rotating the same outfits. I have a few things saved in my ASOS basket & I am hoping to treat myself to them once January is over. I am addicted to anything striped & I really like the look of that cute stripy dress – perfect Spring offering.

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