Soap & Glory The Mighty Contourer, how to contour, contour tips, contour made easy

New Product Alert: Soap & Glory The Mighty Contourer

I like to keep my eyes peeled on the Soap & Glory website to see what’s new and for a couple of weeks, I have spotted The Mighty Contourer* on there as a product that was ‘coming soon’. 
Soap & Glory The Mighty Contourer, how to contour, contour tips, contour made easy

Contouring For Beginners

As someone who is forever trying to get to grips with contouring, I’ve been searching for easy-to-use bronzers and contour products that make it as simple as possible. I can’t say that I’ve quite mastered contouring for that flawless, chiselled, Instagram-perfect look but thanks Soap & Glory’s The Mighty Contourer, it might just be a right doddle from now on!
Soap & Glory The Mighty Contourer
Soap & Glory’s The Mighty Contourer comes in two shade options. One named Fair’s Fair, and the other called Happy Medium. Even though I don’t consider myself to have fair skin, I still think that Fair’s Fair is the better option for me. I suppose it’s the ‘safe’ option when it comes to contour products.
The formula features sea kale, white lily bulb, and peach extract which sounds all kinds of wonderful!

How To Use The Mighty Contourer

Soap & Glory The Mighty Contourer, how to contour, contour tips, contour made easy

Shape With The Dark

The top pan contains the cream bronzer (pictured above). Don’t worry, it isn’t as dark as it looks. I have applied two heavy layers of it on my swatch image for it to show up on camera. Start off thinly and build up coverage if need be.

With your finger, lightly stroke it over the areas you want to add definition. This will be hollows of the cheeks, along the hairline, the side of your nose, and the under the jaw. The bronzing gel is buildable so if you need more, you can add to it. 

The best thing about it is how blendable the formula is, so you can apply with confidence. For me, one layer is enough and any thing extra will appear too orange for me. Even though Soap & Glory have designed this product to be used without a brush, I like to use a stippling brush lightly over the bronzing cream, this blurs it out to give an even more more natural look.
Soap & Glory The Mighty Contourer, how to contour, contour tips, contour made easy

Define With Light

Of course, highlighting and contouring goes hand in hand. So, it’s just as well then that this 3-in-1 kit comes with a highlighter. (Soap & Glory, you clever lot, you!). 
The highlighter is used to bring out your best features  and I like to use this on the centre of my forehead, down the centre of my nose, under the brow bone, the apples of my cheeks, and the area under my eyes. Sounds like overkill but the secret is not to go too heavy on the highlight, and don’t forget to blend so that bronzing and highlighting blur in to each other and that there are no harsh lines.

Flush With Blush

Finish the look with rosy cheeks! Just dab it over the apples of your cheeks. You can skip this part if you wish (I usually only stick to contour/highlight, or blush – but rarely both). However, all three products in The Mighty Contourer have been created to complement each other.
I love this peachy shade they’ve included in this compact, it suits my skintone so well! I hope they bring out full size version of this cream blush because it is SO good (and that’s saying something because I was absolutely obsessed with Benefit’s Majorette cream blush for ages and I didn’t think I’d ever find a cream blush as good as Majorette). 
Soap & Glory The Mighty Contourer

Why I like It

It’s easy to use and blends with ease. It’s non-streaky, glides over skin and due to the creamy texture (and the sea kale, white lily bulb, and peach extract), it gives a subtle luminous glow, it gives a dewy finish.
I love that it’s all-in-one, and it’s not bulky, so it doesn’t take up too much room in your make-up bag! 
The Mighty Contourer is available from Boots in-store and online for an introductory price of £9.00, but once this phase is over, the full retail price will be £12.00.
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