I haven’t bought new clothes in ages in months. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in my 30’s now and my taste has changed (I am going through some sort of style crisis!) but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find clothes that I like. On the other hand, I have saved myself A LOT of money by not buying new clothes every month! 
My go-to shop used to be Topshop because their petite range suited my short stumpy self so perfectly but there is no way I can afford to buy from Topshop just for fun anymore! ASOS has become my new Topshop and shopping on ASOS is wayyyy too much fun. 
This would’ve been a regular haul (as in non-mini) because I bought more clothes than what I’ve shown, but had to return half of it didn’t fit me properly (why do I never look as good as the model on the website, dammit!!)
stripy cactus embroidery tshirt from asos, asos haul

 Mini ASOS Haul

My wardrobe is lacking in colour lately but I’m quite happy to be in black and white these days. You can see from my old outfit posts that I used to LOVE wearing bright colours and bold prints but I just don’t feel like I can pull that off anymore. 
In the past couple of years, I have felt that I needed to grow up and dress like an adult (whatever THAT may be… I am still trying to figure that out, to be honest!) but right now, gone are the days of wearing bright or pastel colours because it makes me feel a little childish. Maybe I just need to get over that mindset but for now, the craziest I’ll go are stripes and polka dots! And cute cactus motifs….

stripy cactus embroidery tshirt from asos, asos haul
…. I mean, HOW CUTE is this cactus t-shirt though?? I’m not 100% sure about the beige and burgundy colour combo but that cactus embroidery is so adorable that I am willing to overlook that! 

puma tshirt, asos haul
Can I pretend that I work out if I start wearing sports brand t-shirts?…
For nostalgic values, I’ve been wanting a sports brand logo sweater for ages now. You know, to re-live my childhood years of when wearing sports clothes was totally a cool outfit (what the hell were we thinking?!). 
Anyway, I can’t justify the cost of a sweater but I can make-do with a t-shirt!
puma tshirt
I can’t decide which one of these Puma t-shirts I am keeping though. The rose gold foil t-shirt is sooooo oversized and boxy, it doesn’t really good on me (but ugh, it’s rose gold though!!) and the black logo one is slightly more fitted (but still baggy and boxy). 
I am leaning more and more towards the black logo one just because the fit looks a lot better. And it’s a couple of pounds cheaper. Ok, black one wins!

keds champions trainers
I didn’t mean to get another pair of Keds Champion pumps. The black pair on the right hand side are new, the ones with the print was a Christmas present. I’ve also got a pair of blue ones too which I LOVE!
I had my heart totally set on a pair of Adidas Vantage trainers in black with white stripes but I tried them on in the shoe shop and they were very uncomfortable on my very awkward feet. I found the platform too chunky for me which made my feet look massive. And the backs of the shoes were too high, I knew they’d rub on my heels and give me blisters every time I wore them, which put me off.
black and white trainers
The Adidas ones didn’t impress me so instead, I went for Keds. Maybe they’re not seen as “cool” but at least they’re a little different from your usual Vans and Converse.
Because I am quite small with (weirdly) large feet for my height, I am quite self conscious about footwear that makes my feet look unncessarily bigger. I love Converse but they do a mighty fine job of making my feet look like a clown’s, haha! But Keds Champions are slim fit, has a daintier sole than most other plimsoll style pumps and most important, they’re COMFORTABLE!! Oh, and cheaper than all the other brands! Yay!
I think the grey Puma t-shirt would go great with skinny jeans, my new black Keds, and a black leather jacket! Can’t wait to wear my new clothes… Just need it to be warmer now so I can’t stop wearing the chunkiest knitwear and the thickest winter coat, and actually start looking nice again!
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19 thoughts on “Mini ASOS Haul

  1. I have the same thing in my 30's. In my 20's, it was Primark, New Look and anything cheap and cheerful but in my 30's it's like a lightbulb went off and now I want something more stylish and good quality. Saved me a fortune in clothes shopping too.

    Love the way you've styled your outfits!

  2. What you've bought is so so cute! I love Topshop also for their petite range & I find loads on Asos that fits me well. Unfortunately I won't be treating myself to any new clothes until this baby is born otherwise I would be all over that cactus tee! x

    Just Little Things

  3. "When wearing sports clothes was totally a cool outfit…" -ha ha, yes indeed!!! Non-uniform day in year 11 at school-my Ellesse sweatshirt was my most treasured possession! In fact,I think I've still got my Adidas one!!!
    That cactus tee is Amazing!!! I have enormous feet too-maybe I should get some keds!!

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