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How To Place Embroidery Designs on Polo Shirts

Embroidery is a beautiful art form that looks great on clothing, accessories, blankets, and pillows. Whether you’re thinking of starting a side hustle to get your creativity flowing or a company looking to provide their employees with embroidered polo shirts, there are some things about the design process to consider.

If you want your company polo shirts to look sharp for example, be prepared to know where to place the logo on the shirt and how how to get the design onto the shirt.

Here are some tips to get you started:

embroidery on shirt

Where does the design go?

An embroidered design on a polo shirt is traditionally placed on the left upper hand side, although some people put it on the right side or the shoulder. Your logo will look best if you put it about 4 inches down from the shoulder. You should align it centrally in-between the button placket and side seam.

How to put the design on your shirt?

Getting a piece of embroidery onto the object of your choice can be rather challenging. If you sew a design right onto a garment, you may have a problem if you make a mistake. It can also be very difficult to sew on a shirt without accidentally getting fabric from the back or side of the garment caught on your needle.

embroidery design on t-shirt

There are a few different methods for hand-embroidering a design onto a shirt. One simple method is to follow these steps:

1. Draw the design on a piece of paper and cut it out.

2. Pin the design to the shirt.

3. Thread the needle, remembering to knot the end.

4. Embroider the design.

5. Rip the paper off when you are done and hope that everything comes out as you intended it to.

You can also use…Transfer Paper

You can also get the design onto your shirt by using transfer paper. Transfer paper has a waxy quality, and it comes in several different colours. Transfer paper has one pigmented side and one unpigmented side. You should use a colour that will contrast with the shirt you are using.

Draw your design on a piece of regular paper. Put your transfer paper on your shirt pigmented side down. Put the piece of paper with your design on top of the transfer paper and trace the design.

…Or use an automated sewing machine

Due to the effort of embroidery, you only want to hand embroider your shirts if you are a small business and you’re skilled with needle work. Even then, you may experience the problem of loose threads or uneven stitching.

There are computerised sewing machines that sew flawless and secure stitching. By using CAM (computer-aided manufacturing), you can create everything from needlepoint to embroidered designs. You just program a pattern into the machine and it will do all the work for you! These automated sewing machines are, of course, not cheap, and they normally cost over £1,000.

Offload the work to the experts

Fortunately, there are on-demand printing companies that will put your embroidered design on a polo shirt for you.

All you have to do is visit the company’s website, upload your design, select the garment of your choice and choose your quantity (in this case, a polo shirt). The company’s computerised sewing machine will create the design for you, and they will send your shirt order to you when it is done.

If you get a lot of compliments on your designs, you can consider start offering them to customers as merch as another stream of revenue. People who want to buy your shirt can order from your shop or online.

embroidery on sweater

As an embroidered logo looks classy and upscale, T-shirts and polo shirts are a great way to advertise your company. If you can create a clever design, your employees and customers will be your greatest advertisers.

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