How To Style: 90's Style Black Dress

How To Style: 90’s Style Black Dress

I’ve given photography tips to my fellow fashion bloggers on how to take a good photos but all of those ‘rules’ went out of the window when I found the perfect spot in the park. The problem was… that the spot was in an open space and I was outside at mid-day when the sun was shining the hardest. Time to go against all my own advice?
I mean, I had already broken some so-called fashion rules, so why not just go ahead and break a couple more.

How To Style 90's Style Black Dress
The dress is from ASOS, and annoyingly, it went in the sale a couple of days after I had bought it! Typical! ASOS calls it a 90’s High Neck Midi Dress (shop link – grab it now for £14 before it’s out of stock!) and that it more than OK with me! I had the best childhood in the 90’s, it was the happiest time, so I’m diggin’ the 90’s fashion trend and I am very glad it’s sticking around for a little bit longer!
90s choker necklace
I am totally channeling my inner Andrea Corr in this outfit, giving my best smouldering look behind those RayBan Clubmasters. Give me high necks, dark eye make-up, chokers, the lot. I wanted to be Andrea Corr for the day!
block heeled sandals in black
Some might tell you that if you’re “petite” (under 5 foot 3) then it is, perhaps, wise to stay away from midi-length or anything that hangs around the middle of the calf. I’m under 5 ft 3, and I’m fine with wearing midi dress and skirts, as long as I wore shoes that didn’t have a strap around the ankle.
Well, I had no other shoes that would’ve suited this black midi-dress, so I went with some strappy high heeled sandals, but you know what? I don’t think it looks that bad paired with a pair of strappy sandals! 
The ‘cut off’ points don’t make me look THAT much shorter… It might be a different story if I stood next to someone taller, no doubt that I would look and feel a little stumpy – but on the whole, I think I’m happy with how I’ve styled this outfit and I think it makes a very chic Summer outfit. 
fashion blogger uk 90s trend, rayban clubmasters brown
My favourite thing about the dress (which is from the petite section) is the bodice (the top half). It has been such a long time since I wore high neck racer shape and I don’t know why I’ve stopped wearing tops like this because I think it suits my frame rather than all the baggy, floaty, oversized style that I tend to go for in recent years.
how to style 90s style black dress
To go with the 90’s style dress, I decided to go for a 90’s style make-up. Well, I say “90’s style make-up” but what I really mean is that trendy nude look that everyone’s going mad for these days, thanks to Kylie Jenner.
I swapped my go-to pink blusher and layered on Benefit’s Hoola and Dandelion blusher on the apple of my cheeks. And instead of wearing my usual fuchsia lipstick, I wore my new-favourite nude lippy from Avon’s Truly Matte collection. Um, Nude… and matte… Am I feeling OK?!?!
trendy black and gold bag
I was feeling a bit experimental with the photography style here. It probably isn’t noticeable but usually, I shoot the photos in the shade, out of direct sunlight, and preferably not a mid-day if I can help it. But I did the complete opposite with these, as mentioned at the beginning of the blogpost. If I turned out bad, I would’ve just pretended it was meant to look that way… you know, like that fuzzy, lo-fi, disposable camera, 90’s vibe. Of course.
rayban clubmasters brown with green lens

Outfit Details:

▸ Dress from ASOS
▸ Shoes from Public Desire
▸ Bag from New Look (similar here)
▸ Choker from ASOS
▸ Sunglasses* (RayBan Clubmasters) from Sunglasses Shop

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10 thoughts on “How To Style: 90’s Style Black Midi Dress

  1. I've been loving black midi dress too Sarah, I got a high neck one from Miss Selfridge, which I pair with a denim jacket.

    Your outfit posts are fab, don't worry!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

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