primark haul autumn winter 2016

A Cosy Primark Autumn Winter Haul

My wardrobe was seriously lacking in knitwear and as it’s been so cold lately, I was desperate for a couple of new jumpers! Primark is the only place I can afford to buy knitwear, so I popped in to buy a cosy jumper or two… but when you pay Primark a visit, it’s never just a cosy jumper or two, is it?!
Two jumpers turn in to three, and you may as well pick up a pack of cosy socks because they’re £1.70 for two pairs. Oh, and you’ll need a pair of new tights because well, why not. You always need tights in Winter! What about new bedding? Do I need a new set? I mean, I don’t really need it but it is only £11 and that’s a bargain so just put it in the basket AAAAND let’s make our way to the checkout stat. 
Before you know it, you’re walking out of the shop with a bag of new stuff.

knitted striped jumper from primark
Knitted Navy and White Striped Jumper (£10)
I really love this, but then I love anything striped! Especially if it’s a navy and white combination. It is a nice flattering fit. It isn’t baggy or oversized, it just fits like a glove. The only thing I’m not so keen on is that the back is an inch longer than the front.
monochrome outfit from primark
Black Top (£4), Monochrome Bodycon Skirt (£4)
The black knitted top is made of a fairly thin material and it is tight fit but with a bit of stretch. I bought it to go with the monochrome bodycon skirt, but the skirt is going back. It looks really nice… but only if you don’t eat all day. With bloating, this skirt is the most unforgiving. Maybe it’s the fabric that it’s made of, or maybe it’s the print?  I’ve worn bodycons before but this one is different and not in a good way!
Knitted Coral Jumper (£8)
I love this jumper so much, it’s my current favourite and have worn it loads since I bought it. I couldn’t get it to sit better on the hanger, but I promise you that it’s much nicer in real life. I chose the next size up because the small looked too short in length. I like this in an oversized style, anyway. It’s boxy, oversized, and cosy! If I remember correctly, it is also available in baby blue and a dark green, so I might go back and buy another one in a different colour!
bedding from primark
Duvet Sets (£11), Fitted Sheets (£6.50)
For the past two years, I have been in to plain white bedsheets but I’m a bit bored of that now. I’ve actually been wanting a new bedding set from Primark but haven’t seen one I liked until now. I love it so much that I spent my Saturday night ironing it whilst watching Strictly. 
bedding from primark
Boring purchase alert! Fitted sheet. I always forget that I have a king size mattress (but a double size duvet), so I’ve been buying double fitted sheets and putting safety pins in the side to keep it in place. It’s ridiculous but YAY for finally having a sheet that fits the mattress. Small joys.
primark haul autumn winter 2016
Gabriella x Primark Cat Eye Sleeping Mask (£2)

This is very cute. All of @VelvetGh0st’s collection is very cute and even though I’m not neccessarily the target market for it, I was drawn to a few of the designs with cats on them! I can’t sleep without an eye mask and I go through so many of them. This one is very comfy and as it’s only £2, I might buy a few more!
Cosy Socks (£1.70)
I’m not really a sock person, but I refuse to turn the heating on. I got a huge bill last year, it’s something to do with the gas company getting the meter reading mixed up and therefore giving the wrong estimate. Bleugh, boring grown up stuff. But basically, something went wrong and I’ve been slapped with a huge bill for it, which I’m still paying for, so heating is a luxury that I’ll have to live without for now. I don’t really mind though, I have these cosy socks to keep me warm… 

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  1. Such cute picks! Love the eye mask and the cable knit! The dark green option sounds gorgeous <3 xxx

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