Call me a cliche but I’ll be wearing plum and berry shades this Autumn/Winter. You see, when it comes to these tones, I’m a newbie, so I will happily stick to plummy purples for the next few months! Basically, I’m still in the honeymoon phase with it and I find it a bit of a novelty to wear a purple lipstick.
8 Plum & Berry make up Shades To Try This Autumn

8 Plum Shades To Try This Autumn/Winter

As a newcomer to ‘Autumnal’ shades, I daren’t go too vampy (yet). I have a pale but yellowy complexion so I don’t necessarily feel that deep colours work for me. BUT I’ve forced it  to work, God dammit! I want to join the AUTUMNAL BEAUTY CLUB this year, ok!?

8 Plum & Berry Shades To Try This Autumn
In the past, I haven’t spent too much money on these kind of shades as I didn’t consider them to be versatile for every day wear. I experimented with dark berry shades, but they don’t see the light of day that much. They’re the five spice of the herb and spice cupboard. Only used a few times per year.
Well, NOT THIS YEAR! Nope! I’m no longer not shying away from the trend. I’m embracing it!
I have managed to find not one, not two…. but 8 versatile and wearable plum and berry shades for this season Suitable for all, but particular newbies who want to dabble with 8 shades of perry (plum and berry!) this season!

clinique chubby stick lavishing lilac
clinique chubby stick lavishing lilac

Clinique Chubby Stick in Lavishing Lilac

Not exactly plum but it is a purple for the eyes!
Clinique’s Chubby Sticks are great for when you’re in a hurry. You simply twist up, swipe the creamy crayon across eyelids, blur the top edge and you’re done. 
Lavishing Lilac has a metallic finish, so I’m not too heavy handed with it as I don’t like to be too shimmery for the daytime. Finish with liquid eyeliner and volumising mascara and you’re good to go! You can throw it in your handbag to touch up your eye make-up when you’re on the go.

Lily Lolo Blush in Coming Up Roses

Lily Lolo Blush in Coming Up Roses

This is a perfect shade of blush for Autumn as it comes up pink enough to look natural but the touch of purple in it mutes the brightness, it tones it down. Coming Up Roses from Lily Lolo is a soft pink with a matte finish.
Plum & Berry lipsticks To Try This Autumn
Plum & Berry lipsticks To Try This Autumn
The swatches corresponds with the product image directly above it. So, first up, we have:

Lord & Berry Twistick in Shut Up

This was my favourite gloss stick last Autumn and I’m so glad to be whipping it back out from the bottom of my make-up bag again! Shut Up is from Lord & Berry’s Twistick collection and is a berry red shade. The formula is AMAZING too. It’s moisturising, non-drying, pigmented, and has a bit of sheen to the finish. A sassy shade with a sassy shade name!

YSL Volupte Shine in Smoking Plum

The name says it all. Smoking Plum! With all YSL Volupte Shine lipsticks, the colour is sheer but buildable and you can see from the swatch how deep the shade can go. If you’re looking for an every day plum lip shade, check out Smoking Plum next time you’re at the YSL beauty counter. It suits me even when I’m wearing minimal make-up. I can just pick it up, apply it, and go! They are extremely moisturising due to the 6 sensorial oils, and it smells like pomegranate too. 

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Purple Rain

If you’re not sure but want to experiment with purple lip for the first time, try this one from Soap & Glory. It only cost £3.50! What a bargain! From what I’ve observed, it comes out a plummy shade on others but for me, it is pure purple on my lips which is exactly what I wanted. The bullet inside is quite small, I’d say it’s approximately 1.5cm so you don’t get a lot of product – but then again, it is only £3.50. Read more about Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks here.

Avon Shine Burst Gloss Stick in Plum Shock

Avon’s Plum Shock is another beautiful to try if you’re new to these shades like this due to how sheer it is. The bullet has tiny flecks of glitter in it which indicates that it might be shimmery, but that doesn’t transfer on to lips at all. It’s just very glossy!

Avon Shine Burst Gloss Stick in Vivid Cherry

Vivid Cherry is a warm and natural looking shade on me, it’s not too dissimilar to my own natural lip colour. I actually have this in my gym bag as it puts some colour back in to my face after a work out! I don’t have to wear a full face of make-up to pull Vivid Cherry off.

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Hot Plum

As you can probably tell from the 5 other sheer lipsticks above, I’m not one for mattes! However, Avon’s Perfectly Matte Lipstick is the only range of matte lipsticks that I’ll wear. It doesn’t emphasize and cling on to dry patches as much as others. Hot Plum is a striking hot pink with cool purple undertone. Not one to wear on an every day basis but it is a shade that I’d use without thinking twice about if I’m going out on evenings and nights out. 
8 Plum & Berry make up Shades To Try This Autumn
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  1. That Clinique chubby stick looks amazing. I always opt for nudes or browns, might have a little dabble with purple for autumn? I'm not much of a fan of glossy lips but the Lord and Berry one looks lush, along with the Avon matte lippie. Danielle ||

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