Liz Earle Lipstick Review, liz earle hibiscus, liz earle melon lipstick
Liz Earle Lip Colour* in Hibiscus and Melon

I LOVE a new lippy, you can’t beat the feeling of a new, fresh lipstick!
I’m a big fan of Liz Earle skincare range (the cleanse and polish is my ultimate beauty essential!) but I’m not overly familiar with the make-up collection. I’ve tried bits and bobs before but this is the first time I’ve tried their lipsticks. I have here two lipsticks from Liz Earle and it’s the first time I’ve used these, and as far as first impressions go… I’m impressed!
Liz Earle Lipstick Review, liz earle hibiscus, liz earle melon lipstick
The shades I’ve got are Hibiscus and Melon. Hibiscus is a sheer glossy red and Melon is a sheer peach, but don’t let the word “sheer” put you off. It’s still really pigmented and can achieve a good amount of colour even with just a couple of swipes. 
Of course, if you prefer your lipsticks to have a matte finish, these Liz Earle lipsticks might not be for you. Even though they are a creamy formula, your lips need to be in tip top condition before applying the Liz Earle lipsticks but that’s nothing a lip scrub can’t prep!
Both of the shades I’ve got are glossy but very wearable. It’s not sticky or uncomfortable, you kind of forget you have lipstick on, in fact, as it feels just like a lip balm! It has a moisturising creamy formula of vitamin E, shea butter and avocado oil. Also, I know it’s a small detail but I love the imprint on the top of the lipstick, things like this are a nice touch. 
liz earle hibiscus review, liz earle melon lipstick review
As I normally go for hot pinks and reds, I was unsure of Melon at first, which looks orange to me. I have never tried a shade like this before but I applied it on my lips and I’ve fallen in love with it! On me, it’s a nude but it isn’t the kind of nude that washes me out, Melon just adds a subtle peach colour to my lips. It’s not one to give a bold look but it’s perfect for when you’re going for a natural, muted look. 
liz earle hibiscus swatch, liz earle melon lipstickswatch
Hibiscus is a warm red which suits my skin tone. It’s a nice lipstick for those who are new to a red lip, it’s a sharp colour but it’s not too daring because of the shiny gloss finish! Hibiscus is a more versatile shade than Melon, it’s a buildable colour so apply with a lip brush for a subtle daytime look or go heavy for a bolder lip.
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19 thoughts on “Liz Earle Lipstick | Beauty Review

  1. Ooh I always like it when you review lipsticks as our taste in colours are so similar! I would love to check out Hibiscus with a view to a new 'daytime' red… CC x

  2. These are beautiful shades, I think Hibiscus here is my favourite. Liz Earle is one of my top five brands I would say, I have today ordered their new Limited Edition Cleanse and Polish although it is a Christmas present from my mum so it's strictly under wraps when it arrives until Christmas day.
    Amy | A Little Boat Sailing

  3. I didn't even know that Liz Earle had a cosmetics range – you learn something new every day! These look like beautiful shades but I prefer a matte finish so I'm not sure they'd be right for me. Off to check out the rest of the range now! x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  4. these look so nice! I love glossy lipsticks and I'm particularly drawn to 'Melon'! xx

  5. Ah I have such a massive soft spot for Liz Earle. Currently swooning over their blushes – not stopped wearing one for weeks! The red looks gorgeous!

  6. i've never tried their make-up products, but i do want to:-) the lipsticks both look lovely, i especially like melon, such a lovely-looking colour! xx

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