I love seeing What’s In My Handbag posts and YouTube videos but I have never done one myself. I have always wanted to but I haven’t, mainly because my bags are such a mess and I am sure you don’t want to see post-its and bits of tissues with chewing gum stuck to it! I recently collaborated with a website called What’s In My Handbag, to be launched in early 2012. It focuses mainly on beauty products from industry insiders; beauty directors, make-up artists, skincare experts, beauty PR’s, beauty editors, perfume designers, high end beauty buyers (Harrods) and those who founded companies like Diptyque and Eyeko! I can’t wait for the completed website to launch. I really like it already and I think you will too! 
Since 1st December, they’ve changed their website slightly to adopt a Christmas advent calender theme. There will be a new handbag to see every day until Christmas. 25 Handbags of Christmas! I was day number 14 where you can read what products they are, and below are the pictures of the bag and the products that I submitted. I knew that I was going to be amongst proper beauty professional (I’m far from it!) so I knew I had to step it up and make my submission really good to keep up with the standard of the others. It’s really cool to be part of this, I know I have been lucky to have had these opportunities, I want to do a good job of it! I panicked a little bit when they asked me for a “title” for my bag. I went for “products I use everyday” when I should have said that they were my favourite products to use. I wear lipstick and lip balm every day but I don’t always wear red lippy as pictured. I wanted to blog about it on the same day so it coincides with the WIMH website, but I am so behind on blogging!
The Lancome primer shown below is the best one I have used. They always discontinue beauty products that I like! Fluide Illuminateur being one of them. Was my absolute favourite! I sampled a primer from Benefit last month but it felt quite sticky. The consistency and finish of the Lancome La Base (oil free) primer is similar feel to Benefit’s Porefessional. My skin isn’t the best but the primer makes it so easy to apply make up for a flawless look. I don’t use it often as I usually only wear foundation when I go on a night out. The primer leaves skin smooth and silky, and make up applies on like a dream. Also, sometimes I get asked what blusher I use and the one I use all the time is the one pictured below, it’s shade Pinch Me from MAC. Then amongst that, we have the usual hand lotion, lippy and lip balm, Brow Kit, liquid and powder foundation, eyeliner and mascara. Bag is Mulberry’s Tillie Satchel which was an impulsive treat for myself when there was a Mulberry Spring discount! Apart from my MacBook, the bag is the most expensive thing I have bought for myself! Suffered from buyer’s remorse for a little while!!! But… it feels good to know that I bought it with the money I earnt myself.


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51 thoughts on “25 Handbags of Christmas

  1. I don't know what I'd do if I had to do these posts because I never carry a handbag around 😛 I definitely should start though. I'm always caught needing tissues, lip balm etc.

    And don't let people be jerks about the Nokia; I think it looks rad! Haha

    Castle Fashion

  2. I love that mulberry!!

    I'd never let anyone peek in my bag, all I carry is plum lipgloss, my purse (duh!), my iPod and phone!


  3. Yes what is it about the content of handbags that is so fascinating?!? maybe because woman like to compare, I have no idea. Lovely 'bit' hehe, we share similar tastes in make-up.

    memoirmode.com xx

  4. ah you're not the only one without an iphone or blackberry. the only apple product i've got is an old ipod, even my lil sis who's 7 has an ipad. You shouldn't be embarrassed, at least yyour NOKIA is more high tech than mine. I use a motorola V3. Yes it's ancient. xx

    I think I'm jealous right now about it, because I genuinly wanted one of these style phones! They always look so business like. YOU GET IT OUT WITH PRIDE SARAH!! XX

  6. I completely agree with your i-phone remark! I was in 2 minds, but the price put me off big time! Plus I think I need to ease in with the whole touchscreen thing, so I settled for a BB torch. Best of both worlds! S.x x

  7. Rather jealous of your bag, it's definiteyl worth the buyes remorse! And I your love of Nokia made my smile, I have an iphone but I don't use it to it's potential and wish I'd gone for a cheaper alternative


  8. There is nothing wrong with a Nokia (I don't have one) I used to love my Nokias when I was younger, I had the tiny one… oh gosh the 8210 was it? And I have Nokias for years until I got my iphone! I am actually slightly jealous of yours!

    L x

  9. Love your Tillie bag! Mulberry bags are such good quality 🙂
    I love WIMH too 🙂
    Like Laura, I used to have a tiny Nokia too – I totally agree with the buttons thing and with the incredible expense of an iPhone, even though I love Apple, it's just not worth the cost for me.

  10. Love your bag! My bags like Mary poppins, I've got my whole life in there lol! I really should sort it out, yours is so organised! I need buttons on my phone too, I can't handle touchscreen lol x

  11. Haha you are so adoable when talking about your phone! It cracked me up tremendously. I have like the oldest phone known to man (an LG Octane!!) and I'm dying to get an iPhone or iPad for Christmas! Besides all of that I love everything in your bag :).
    Lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  12. I still have a Nokia too. Pfft the haters, we're keeping it retro.
    I keep so many unnecessary things in my bag, including lots of receipts that never seem to find their way to the bin!



  13. Yay! Thanks for letting us know the blush you use 🙂

    Also, my last 4 phones have been Nokia's and I loved them!! But I'm a Blackberry owner now and I don't think I'll ever go back!

  14. Love the bag 🙂
    You're s lucky to be a part of it <3

    I've hated iPhone ever since it came out. No, that's wrong. I hate all touch screen phones. Lol. And since the features of Blackberry isn't really all that useful in my place, I opted to buy a Samsung phone. Not an android one since the Samsung I got (Samsung Ch@t 335) got wifi, facebook and twitter. <3 I feel complete with it!

  15. oh i'm rubbish with phones too and i also have a Nokia but believe me Sarah mine is worse than yours! I wouldn't dare to show anyone what's in my bag as there would possibly be something rotting in there from 1982!

  16. i used to be all pro-nokia until my last phone was awful – but some of their new models are really neat. too bad they don't really have any good models with my cell phone carrier.

    i love your blog – you are oh-so-adorable.

  17. Love your handbag and its contents! Makes me want to clean mine asap! And hahahaha I have such an old phone, I never use it in public. OK, I do, but only when I absolutely HAVE to make a call. I actually detest making calls, as well, so I rarely use mine. I would like to have an iphone, but I feel like if I do, I would spend too much money (on purchasing it, firstly) on apps and whatnot. My first phone was a Nokia, and I lurved it. but I'm an LG gal now. All my phones ever since I was 17 have been LG!

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