Yankee Candle All Is Bright

Decorating The Christmas Table With Yankee Candle Holiday Party Collection

Every year on Christmas Day, my Mum puts me in charge of decorating the dinner table. Not that I’m any good, I don’t really have the knack for it, even though I look on Pinterest for inspiration… but they’re too elaborate and my family wouldn’t fully appreciate it. There’s limited room, plus, we’re the kind that gets the mismatching ’emergency chairs’ out of the shed when we have more than 4 people come over for dinner, lolz.

Yankee Candle Holiday Party Collection
I have two tables to jazz up, so I’ve decided to keep it a simple, minimal theme this Christmas. I’ve bought a plain white table cloth that has small silver stars on it, with a silver table runner placed in the middle, all I need to is add some festive cheer with little bits in the middle to create some sort of centre piece!
Each year, without fail, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be several Yankee Candle candles plonked elegantly placed on the centre of the table at Christmas. I’m extra excited to decorate the dinner table this year as I’ve been a very lucky girl recently, I’ve been sent a bunch of stuff from Yankee Candle’s very aptly named Holiday Party Collection*.
Yankee Candle All Is Bright

All Is Bright

All is calm, ALL IS BRIGHT. The fragrance of this candle is a sparkling citrus – a bit like a fizzy lemonade! At first, I thought I could detect a hint of pineapple in All Is Bright but the fragrance notes are actually grapefruit, orange, redcurrant and sweet musk.
Yankee Candle Festive Cocktail

Festive Cocktail

Festive Cocktail might be my favourite from Yankee Candle’s Holiday Party Collection! It smells exactly like you’d imagine, and exactly like the image on the packaging: Citrus, cranberry, blackcurrant, vanilla, and pine for the added festive twist.

Yankee Candle Star Anise and Orange, Yankee Candle Macaron Treats

Star Anise & Orange

This one is quite unusual and not a scent I’d pick if I was shopping for candles but there’s no denying that it’s an extremely Christmassy fragrance. I’d say, out of all the candles in Yankee’s Holiday Party Collection, Star Anise & Orange has the most ‘festive’ aroma! The star anise is the first to hit your senses, it’s a nice alternative to cinnamon. It is then followed by juicy orange, clove, sandalwood, and vanilla to sweeten the spice.

Macaron Treats

If sweetly scented products are your thing, Macaron Treats is the one for you. I bet this one’s really popular! The pistachio green coloured candle has notes of raw sugar, Confectioner’s sugar, cookie, almond, and vanilla. 
Christmas Festive Votive Candle Tealight Holder

White & Gold Votive Candle Holders

These are so pretty, and I think they look quite trendy. Even though I’ll put so many little bits on the table, it won’t look tacky or over the top (I hope!?) because I’m using gold and silver accessories. The only colour will come from the wax of the candles. These white and gold votive candle holders say CHEER, JOY, AND NOËL. So pretty!

Gold star tealight holder

Gold Star Tealight Holders

These will look so great, I might buy a couple more if they’re not already sold out yet. The star tealight holders also come in silver too, but the gold ties in well with the votive candle holders.

Christmas Tree Tealight Holder

Christmas Tree Tealight Holder

I love this and I think this one will stay put in my living room at the flat! I’m already sad at the thought of packing it away until next December! 
Yankee Candle Holiday Party Collection
Many of these are unfortunately sold out on Yankee Candle’s website but you will find the candles (and a limited range of the candle accessories) at your nearest stockist. I highly recommend All Is Bright and Festive Cocktail – but as mentioned above, the one that will get you in the festive mood is Star Anise & Orange!
Yankee Candle Holiday Party Collection

Yankee Candle sell a range of size options from tealights, to large jars that burns upto 150 hours. Prices start from £6.99 but there is currently a 50% sale on their festive range at the moment! I don’t know when it will end but the stock is going quick and the popular fragrances are selling out fast! 
Will you be burning a Yankee Candle this Christmas?
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  1. OMG they look gorgeous, I've always loved Yankee Candles , as they produce the most unique candle scents:) I would be interested in testing the star anise & orange as well as festive cocktails:)


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