I miss a lot of things from my childhood and strangely, catalogues is one of them! When I was little, I would make Birthdays and Christmas wish lists of all the things I wanted by cutting and pasting the pages from Argos and Littlewoods combined. Even though I never got those presents (Mr Frosty and I was just not meant to be), I felt like seeing product cut-outs on a collage I “creatively” put together were enough to satisfy me, anyway. I kind of imagined they were all mine. Ah, the simple times!
Affordable Beauty From Avon

Affordable Beauty: My Top 5 Picks From Avon

It has been a long time since I got my hands on a physical copy of an Avon brochure but I’d imagine I would get the same feeling as I did when I was child. Flicking through the 260-odd pages of beauty products upon beauty products and thinking to myself ‘Want. Want. WANT.’.  
I don’t even know if they make copies of the brochure anymore but there is an online version available. Seeing the beautifully put-together pages makes me want things I never knew I needed. After all, that is the idea? And I have fallen for it!
It’s alright though, we all know how Avon affordable prices are which means a treat (or five) is guilt-free. And the 5 Avon products that I’ve been using lately have been a surprisingly good!

affordable body cream from avon
Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Overnight Body Treatment* (£5)
This is a 200ml tub of cream for a fiver – not bad, right? And just like the other body creams on the market, you only need to use a small amount of this. It’s a rich cream featuring lavender, shea butter and argan oil that works while you sleep to banish dry and flakiness, so you wake up with lovely, smooth skin. 
avon Beautiful Butterfly Perfume
Beautiful Butterfly Perfume*,  £14
I used to be such a perfume snob but now I don’t care as long as it smells good and a lot of the affordable brands are making fragrances that rivals the high end ones. A favourite of mine is the Christian Lacroix Bijou which is from Avon so I had high expectations for Beautiful Butterfly. It’s a zingy, sunny, sparkling scent of bright bergamot, pink gardenia and velvet musk.
avon sun cream for sensitive skin
Sun+ Pure & Sensitive Sun Lotion SPF50*, £11
Since I’ve been using more and more skincare and body products that contains AHA’s, I’ve been reminding myself more than ever to apply suncream every day. No matter the weather. I use a good quality premium sun cream for my face but I don’t mind which one I use on my body and legs as long as it doesn’t feel oily and sticky ALL DAY LONG. This one absorbs quickly, formulated for sensitive skin and is SPF 50 – can’t ask for more in a sun cream!
avon Shine Burst Gloss Sticks
Shine Burst Gloss Sticks*, £8
If I had to pick one lip product to live with for the rest of my life, it would be lip crayons or a gloss stick. It doesn’t matter which brand because all the lip crayons I’ve tried so far have been so good. But if you want a good colour pay off AND a moisturising formula, then check out Avon’s Shine Burst Gloss Sticks. A hybrid between a sheen lipstick and a lipgloss, these little gloss sticks gives you an effortless pop of colour from day to evening.
They’re a buildable colour, easy to apply (without a mirror!) and comes in a wide range of colours so there’s one to suit everyone. My favourite at the moment it the Iced Mocha (a shimmery nude) and Vivid Cherry (a plummy red)
avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks
Perfectly Matte Lipsticks*, £8
Now on to the one you’ve all been waiting for. You may have seen the TV advert for these Perfectly Matte Lipsticks where they claim to be ‘more matte than MAC’. I don’t like MAC’s matte lipsticks and have only ever swatched them at the MAC counter, so I can’t comment on that part – but Avon’s Perfectly Matte Lipsticks are awesome. They feel great on lips, and they look amazing too. I am going to do a full review of these soon but if you ever get a chance to try these out, give it a go! You won’t believe it’s Avon!
Have you got a favourite from Avon?
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