Here’s what I do when I go shopping for homeware and see something that I might like to buy: I ask myself these two questions and two questions only
Question 1: Would it suit the decor? 
Question 2: And could it double up as blog photography prop? 
If it hits both criteria, then I’m buyin’ it. No further questions asked! I almost think to myself that no matter how overpriced something is, if I can get those two uses out of it, then I feels like I’m getting a bargain.
oliver bonas homeware haul

Homeware Haul: Oliver Bonas, Jo Malone, & TK Maxx

I haven’t treated myself to anything house things for months so I thought it was time to buy a few things…. All of which were enabled by other bloggers and their irresistible and beautifully presented wish lists! 

 oliver bonas homeware haul, hexagon mirror, copper tray

Oliver Bonas Hexagon Mirror, £25 (shop link)

I’ve been wanting a small(ish) mirror since I moved back in to my own flat in January. I had one in my room in London, it was one of those cheap bathroom ones that had a plastic white arched frame. It was a basic little thing but it acted as an awesome backdrop for my blog photography (example here!). When I saw this hexagon shaped mirror on a few of my favourite blogs, I decided to buy it. I mean, at £25, it’s a great price for what it is. It comes in small and large. At 26.6cm x 30cm, the small mirror is the perfect size. I might put the large one on my Christmas list this year though.

Oliver Bonas Copper Rectangle Tray, £17 (shop link)

I must admit, this is a slightly overpriced for what it is but they can sense how thirsty we are for all things copper and… and well, I only went and fell for it, didn’t I? As soon as I saw it, I had a ‘I have to have it’ moment even though I didn’t need it and I don’t particularly know what I’ll use it for. I just know I had to have it and that you will see it on my blog a lot from now on!

oliver bonas homeware haul

Oliver Bonas Ceramic Trinket Tray, £10 (shop link)

I went on the website looking for the pink one but it had sold out but the orange version will do just fine! I wish I bought the turquoise one too! It looks great on my coffee table and a candle on top it (and well-place accessories, as it appears).

perspex lipstick storage

Perspex Lipstick Storage from TK Maxx/Home Sense, £6

I have wanted one of these for the longest time ever. I need to buy a few more but I figured that one will be enough for now. It holds all of my day wear lippies and balms and have placed it on the table in the entryway of my flat so that I don’t forget to grab one on my way out! I don’t feel right without lipstick!

jo malone english pear and freesia candle

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Scented Candle, £42 (shop link)

I got this earlier this year and haven’t used it yet. I’ll crack it open when The Queen comes to visit. Not even joking. If you like the scent of pear, you will love this fragrance!
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14 thoughts on “Homeware Haul: Oliver Bonas, Jo Malone, & TK Maxx

  1. I have that Jo Malone scent in the fragrance and absolutely adore it, I haven't actually used it yet as I don't want to waist any of it! Special occasions only 🙂 xxx

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