I bought this TopShop dress in March and I’ve worn it so many times (also seen here) I’ve worn it so much that one side of the lace has started to go really “bobbly”! I am not very good with nail art, but I love florals so I thought I would try this one. I actually did these floral nails AGES AGO but was a bit embarrassed to show you because they’re not as good as the other ones I’ve seen. 
Thank you to everyone who has been so nice about my work in my #LookShowWSC post, I didn’t want to say in that particular post but I was very nervous about publishing it! I am proud of my work and I used to be fine about showing people but I have such a complex about it now, something I developed in the 4th year of uni, I became such a jittery wreck!
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110 thoughts on “Lace and Florals

  1. That dress looks absolutely perfect on you! And those nails are wonderful, psssh don't know what you're talking about when you say they're rubbish!

    Well, you say that you taught yourself to draw but you're so talented I bet you have a natural aptitude for it! Your drawings are seriously amazing!

  2. I was the total same as you! I thought fashion would be all.. talking about clothes, making clothes.. anything fashiony really. I had SUCH a shock when most of my lessons included some sort of life drawing or illustration!

    You have the cutest jewellry.. and love your nails!

  3. That has inspired me to do things which I'm not sure how good I'll be at it. Trying to teach myself a bit of web design but I kept telling myself that I couldn't do it before even trying, so I'll get onto that & thank you for he inspiration.

    Your nails look amazing, honestly! They're far better than I could do. I am completely obsessed with lace dresses, and yours is beautiful, the jewellery compliments it perfectly too.


  4. Ahh I love your nails – something I definitely don't have the patience to do! I must say, I'm jealous of your drawing skills – I'm useless, honestly useless! I remember having to take life drawing classes in college and although I gradually improved over the course of the term, I still wasn't very good!

    I adore that dress, it's so lovely & of course your keep calm & carry on necklace! Beautiful <3


  5. I love your outfit and your nails! 🙂
    Your story is inspiring, glad you kept going and look where it's got you! Your work is amazing! I was just showing my sister as she's off to uni in Sept ready do to fashion management and marketing <3 (I still really love the dress you made :D) xx

  6. You are so pretty. I just love your fashion sense. Really liking the keep calm carry on necklace. This post is very encouraging for those who don't always believe in themselves. Your school should have taught you to let you draw the way you feel….not with templates. I would love to see some of the books you have used. WELL DONE.

  7. I love your nails! How did u do the floral designs? you painted them or put those stickers on??? And what nice brown heels, go perfect with your sexy/cute lace dress:)

    Btw, i thought your art pieces in the previous post was fab!!! Hope you get it! and i would love to see your drawings from uni! Hope u find them:)


  8. That dress is so pretty, I was so tempted to buy the one in the blue but I didn't in the end. Somehow the blue is a lot dressier than the white! Anyway, your nailart is GORGEOUS. I'm not sure I could recreate that on my nails, takes real patience. Also loving the story of you and how you taught yourself to draw. I think that makes you even MORE talented!

  9. LOVE the dress! And your nails are so pretty 🙂 I've tried doing roses like that on my nails a few times, need a little more practice though. x

  10. This dress is so pretty. and I love the cherry ring~~

    I really admire people that can do nail arts themselves!! I can barely paint my nails -.-" the floral nails are just lovely!!


  11. Thank you for your kind offer Sarah, I'll definitely say if I need some help. I want to start learning soon and I'm going to get myself a book, but It'd be really helpful if I could give you or the guys at Hero and Cape a shout if I get stuck. This is why I like blogging so much, you get to met wonderful people such as yourselves. Thank you.


  12. Such a pretty outfit Sarah! And your nails look really good too, so I don't know what you're on about! And you always write the nicest blog comments too, so thanks 🙂

  13. Thank you for the comment 🙂
    Love that dress. I have it as well but in white. I hate how short it is though, im only 5,5 lol.x

  14. You look so lovely in that dress! It just suits you perfectly.
    I'm feeling inspired by your teaching yourself to draw! I will have to try harder to teach myself.
    I'm really keen to get into some sort of Marketing so the last too post have been really interesting for me 🙂

    Thank you 😀
    Lottie xx

  15. Wow! His style is beautiful. I was watching your posts and every one I saw was more delighted, you have a great talent. Congratulations!
    Your store is wonderful, I incantation with the parts

  16. Holy crap, you're gorgeous. That dress is precious! So romantic, and very versatile. I love all your rings! That cherry one is DARLING! And I really want some glasses like that. Too freakin' cute!


  17. I love your outfit, the dress is gorgeous! Your nails look so cute. Good luck with the Look competition, your entry was great and your work is lovely. xx

  18. I enjoy this outfit a great deal, you look adorable! Those nails are amazing, I think you should do a tutorial so we can all learn how to do them;)

    Caz x

  19. I love this dress! It suits you very well! I really love your nails, I need to try this as well, saw it several times now and it looks so nice! Thank you for commenting back at my blog, means the world to me! I really know how you felt before publishing!

  20. You seriously have some jazzy nails! Such a beautiful dress too, I'd love it in that colour. I own the blue one but the colour is very daring!

    I believe anyone has the ability to draw too, I've always had an interest when growing up; I can't remember when I didn't have a pencil in one hand and a pad in the other! But by drawing a lot your ability does really get better, I still want to discover new drawing techniques to better myself. I love portraiture but it's the most frustrating part of drawing for me, poportion and all that, I tend to use the grid method but I don't want to keep relying on it. There's a student in my class at uni who can just draw perfectly by looking with the eye, poportion perfect! He's 20 years older than me but I just think gosh I'd love that talent!

  21. beautiful dress! I totally agree! I'm going into my second year of doing fashion and i when i started i never realised how much drawing was needed.. i was hopeless but when i look back on my first sketchbook i've improved so much! xx

  22. First of all, I'm so blown away by all your talents. But now having read that you are also self-taught like that just blows me to the moon, and I'm excited to find out about it because I'm self-taught as well! I do love your "eye" and what you create.

    Secondly, this outfit is adorable! I'm looking for a good either white lace dress or white crochet dress. I love the trend. And your nails are to die for! I need to try a little rose mani!


  23. Hi, the little bunny (or mini seal dressed up as a bunny) on my blog is called "mamegoma"!! I think they are just the cutest thing in the world!!


  24. ah yes see fellow lace, jewellery, pretty shoes, she & him, & zooey lover!
    I would of loved this to be in my lace dress collection, i've spotted another thats currently in topshop and i'm craving it!

  25. it's neat to see a fashion blog by someone that designs fashion! Really great drawings in your last post, I especially liked the fashion graphics, such talent!

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