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Hero&Cape Pineapple T-Shirt and Pineapple Cropped Top / ASOS Watch / River Island Mini Skirts / Flossy Shoes Plimsolls / Charlotte Olympia Perspex Bag / Joy Pineapple Earrings / ASOS Pineapple Bag / River Island Shorts / Joy Pineapple Sun Dress

There’s no denying that this a Summer trend you can’t get away from and if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! I personally LOVE the pineapple print trend and think it’s fun and cheerful! Does anyone else remember another time the pineapple hit the catwalk all the way back in 2000/01 which sparked off a huge “fruit” trend in fashion? It was a Pineapple Motif Top and THAT swimsuit designed by Stella McCartney for Chloé that started it. Anyone else remember that? I only remember because I was doing GCSE textiles at the time and wanted to make lots of things with a pineapple motif on them!
Fast forward 14 years on and the pineapple trend have re-surfaced, and boy, am I happy to see them! I actually like the fruit itself, it’s one of my favourite, and whenever I see anything with them on it makes me crave for them (the fruit, and the item of clothing). Good for encouraging your five-a-day, but not so good on my bank balance! 
I’ve picked out a few things that I’ve liked (but there’s more on the thumb nail widget, just click the side arrows to make it scroll along). Of course, the Charlotte Olympia is just a dream item, I do think that £895 is far too much to spend on a fad item (or is it?….)
My fave items out of the lot is the sundress from Joy, the all over pineapple t-shirt/cropped top from Hero&Cape and the dangly earrings! So cute! What’s your favourite out of this lovely bunch?
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33 thoughts on “10 Pineapple Print Fashion Items You Need In Your Life

  1. Oh gawd, I need all of this! Love the shorts and skirts. I keep trying to find pineapple prints locally but no luck – now I know where to find them!
    Mel x

  2. I have to admit I didn't get the whole pineapple thing when it started but actually its growing on me… Love the River island skirt!

  3. yes, i'm totally loving the pineapple trend! i got a cute pineapple polo shirt from primark a couple of weeks ago. really want those flossy shoes though! xx

  4. That sundress is a dream, I really love it too! I've never had nothing with pineapples on it, just the fruit! Hahaha I need to get something, it's so cute!! x

  5. Yeehaw, definitely loving the pineapple trend! I think it's such a yummy fruit and is so fun to wear <3 I haven't found many pineapple items in germany yet (thanks for the links!) but I've already started to draw my nails with pineapples x3

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