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Sponsored by Crown Paints (words and imagery are my own).
When Crown Paints challenged me to interpret a colour palette from their Period Collection paint colours, I thought… OMG, this is great! I can combine three of my favourite things; colour story, flat lays, and outfit photos!
fashion colour palette
For the longest time ever, I have felt very distant with fashion blogging but at the same time, I really miss the days when I documented my personal style on my blog. I’ve been wanting to get those days back but I admit that I grew tired of both the community and my own content, and what I need was someone from the outside to challenge me to take on a different approach.
Crown Paints mission statement is “It’s not just paint. It’s personal” with the aim of inspiring homeowners to embrace colour and make a personal statement. The same could be said about my life, to be honest! You may have recently spotted the latest TV ad campaign for Crown Paints (who are known for their breakthrough Breatheasy Formulation) which encourages their customers to ‘Make Your Mark’.

soap and glory enamel pins

Make Your Mark

In a similar vein, I applied their campaign’s key message to my own style. It inspired me think about how I have lost a sense of my style. Wearing colours is one of the many elements that allows you to express yourself but somewhere along the lines, I went from LOVING colours to someone who now wears black and white on a daily basis, which is fine during A/W but not so much in the Summer months.
I don’t know why I stopped injecting colour in to my wardrobe, it was like it just stopped overnight and one day I woke up and all I wanted to wear was black but it’s starting to bore me now. Maybe it’s because I think I can’t pull of colour now that I’m older, maybe it’s because I can’t be bothered or maybe it’s because monochrome is just easier. Argh, I don’t know, but my way of thinking needs to change! That’ll be a good start.
cactus embroidery tshirt
pastel green and pink brit stitch half pint leather satchel
The ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign made me think about my blog and my style, and how personal it is to me, as fashion tends to be for a lot of people. I don’t want to become bland and boring. I want to feel like I am making my mark on a personal level, at the very least.
For this style challenge, I chose an outfit based on a selection of shades from Crown Paints’ Period Collection. And whilst the outfit is not mega vibrant, or ‘avant-garde’ in any way whatsoever, it’s a subtle transition from Autumn to Spring (and now Summer as it is now fast approaching!). More importantly, it’s what I feel comfortable wearing. It’s comfortable, casual, fuss-free. 
I didn’t want to assign the colour palette to a season or a trend but with a ‘transeasonal’ dressing in mind. Crown Paints Period Collection is filled with beautiful pastels so it was difficult not to go to town and pastel up! So eventually, I selected the colours that I have been wearing the most with a couple of my fave pastel shades thrown in there:

  • Pier View® (a lilac-blue) for my love of denim.
  • Scarlet Ribbon® (burgundy) because I appear to be clinging on to the burgundy and oxblood tartan from Winter. Still.
  • White Glove® (white) because if it’s not black I’m wearing, it’s white.
  • Flagon® (pastel green) and Tea Gown® (pastel pink) because it’s one of my favourite pastel combination and anyone who remembers my old blog layout can vouch for that. 

I tried to incorporate all of those colours in to my outfit and I hope that this comes across!

fiji essie nail polish
striped top from asos
I know I’m not alone in saying this but with how fast the way fashion blogging is going and how many of us there are now, it’s hard to keep up. I put so much pressure on myself to make an effort to stand out but I’ve been failing miserably! I feel like the content that I’m creating is getting lost in a busy crowd.
denim jacket, fashion blogger
What I’m wearing: denim jacket from Lidl, a stripy t-shirt from ASOS, bag from Brit-Stitch, and jeans from Topshop! ?
But what I need to remind myself is that there’s room for all of us in the world of blogging and the best thing is that we can all show what we’re made of. After reading the Cosmopolitan piece about a big blogger this weekend, which is currently being discussed on Twitter, I think this message is very apt.

I don’t have a reach as big as the ~super~ bloggers, but it doesn’t harm to use this time to put some positivity out there to inspire every blogger (big or small) to keep doing what they’re doing. Don’t be disheartened. There’s more than enough room for everyone. Work hard, make your blog personal, and MAKE YOUR MARK.

And that goes with everything we do in life, at work, on our blog, in our homes when we’re decorating… you get the idea! We can make a mark on our own terms! You do you! Spread the message!

For me, authenticity, being relatable and having a connection with my readers is what’s most important to me! 
*This blogpost is sponsored by Crown Paints. However, all words, opinions, styling and photography are completely my own.*
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