It’s finally Spring but I don’t quite trust the weather yet. I’m still very attached to my scarf and I’m not willing to part with it. I always find the Winter/Spring transition the most difficult in terms of style, I feel like I’ve been stuck in dark colours for so long that I’ve forgotten how to dress with more colours and less fabric. 
But I do love this time of year and in many ways, I find it easier to dress for the warmer season… when I’ve got my mind used to the fact that it’s actually warm again and it’s ok to not wear thick tights and a scarf for comfort. 
fashion blogger uk, outfit of the day, style blogger
I was recently sent a huge parcel of handbags from Avon, 7 in total, in fact. I LOVE bags so this was the best day ever, each of the 7 bags are really nice too! I am wearing my favourite one here in this outfit post, a bag designed by British designer, Tabitha Webb.
fashion blogger uk, outfit of the day, style blogger
I am most fussy about the size but this is perfect, it’s a medium sized bag which would fit my daily essentials. And now that I’ve got a new job, I’m back on the commuting train and doing the whole 9-5 again, I need a bag that will store the items I need for work, plus my make-up bag and my lunch, etc. 
fashion blogger uk, outfit of the day, style blogger
Going off on a tangent here, but I will miss full time blogging but some things had to change. It might sound like the dream for some, but I simply couldn’t work from home anymore. I had been self employed for 9 years and now that I live alone, working from home is not the ideal situation for my wellbeing! I had to change that.
I still have so much ambition to do my own thing, I’ve got lots of ideas, but now is not the right time and I needed to break the cycle I was in. I feel lucky that I’ve found a job within the fashion industry as a Social Media & Content Editor. It’s what my strengths are and there’s not that many positions like this in the local area where I can exercise my creative skills, so this is a one in a million chance (that’s what it feels like). I’ve held out for a job like this and I can’t quite believe I’ve got it! It hasn’t sunk in. 
Just like my previous job in London, everything at my new workplace has happened incredibly quickly. I had two interviews within the space of 10 days and on the second interview, I was offered the job on the spot on a Thursday and started my first day on the Monday. I spent those whole 10 days preparing for a kick-ass interview… I was a nervous wreck but I put my game face on. Apart from on Twitter, I haven’t said much to anyone, but it’s only because it’s happened so quickly and I haven’t had time to process it. 
Enough about me, though. Shall we talk about the outfit?
fashion blogger uk, outfit of the day, style blogger

ASOS Jacket

I love this jacket so much, it’s a long blazer which can be worn with a dress and heels, or skinny jeans and trainers. It’s so versatile and I’ve worn it loads since I got it last year. It’s from ASOS and one of the pockets were damaged but I kept it because I couldn’t be bothered to send it back and buy another. I wanted to wear it straight away. I haven’t got the pocket sewn up yet, the rip has got so big, but I’ll pop to the tailors soon to get it fixed!
fashion blogger uk, outfit of the day, style blogger

New Look Dress

I got this New Look monochrome polkadot dress from ASOS in a recent haul, it has bell sleeves which I don’t normally suit me but the flared sleeve details on this dress isn’t as exaggerated, so it’s perfect for a smaller, petite frame. You can see the dress in full in my Spring ASOS Haul.

Black Stiletto Heels

These are classic black stiletto’s from DANIEL Footwear. They are a great investment because they go with everything! Walking in stiletto heels is something I need to practise because I’m not used to the slim heel, and the soles are quite thin and have no cushioning on the inside, so unless I’ve stuck those gel pads down at the front or I’ve put an insole it, I am a bit wobbly! In real life, I’m definitely not as composed as I look in the photos!

avon tabitha webb handbag
Tabitha Webb Handbag From Avon

Tabitha Webb Handbag* From Avon

Designer bag for high street prices, that’s the best thing about Avon. This bag, as mentioned above, is designed by British fashion designer, Tabitha Webb and it’s exclusive to Avon (shop link). It’s £80 but Avon always has a great sale on so keep your eyes peeled! It has the loveliest premium detail including hand painted edges, and a floral lining. 
What I’ve noticed recently, more so than ever, is how much some people (especially in the north east) love branded products – the bigger the logo, the better – but I grew out of that by age of 16, so to me, as long as something is well made and looks nice, I don’t give a shit, I’ll wear it. But you guys knew that about me anyway, didn’t you. It’s all about how you wear it and how you style it. That’s the very thing I love about the blogging community, we’re open to trying everything and regardless of the brand, bloggers have the ability to make the most ordinary things look as nice as possible! ?

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6 thoughts on “Outfit: Dressing For Work

  1. First off congratulations on the job! I know how you feel working from home I have been self employed for almost 8 years and it can be incredibly lonely and often unfulfilling. You must be excited for something new & I wish you all the best in your new job x
    I am someone that very rarely leaves the house with out a scarf so I always have a huge selection in my wardrobe & I love that bag. It is a fab size and the colours are pretty too.

  2. congratulations on the new job! sounds like it's a good decision and i hope you're enjoying the work lots! you're looking wonderful:-) i especially like the bag – the colours are great! xx

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