Somewhere along the lines, The Body Shop was a brand that I forgot about. But in the past two years, between their store refresh, re-branding and repackaging, they have bought out some surprisingly and most impressive products to date.
I can see the changes that are happening and I fully appreciate it, and as someone who has a nostalgic connection with The Body Shop (I’m a 90s kid), I’m so happy to see they have become an exciting brand again.

10 The Body Shop Gift Ideas For Last Minute Shoppers

Recently I got the opportunity to attend an event there where we were shown around the shop floor. It isn’t often that I would spend more than 10 minutes in a shop. You see, I’m not a very good shopping – I like to get in, buy what I came for, and then leave the shop as quick as I can so I don’t get tempted to purchase things I don’t need.

This was a great chance to get to reacquainted and learn what’s in store at the moment, and take in all the changes the brand has gone through.

For the past two years, I have sung their praises. My favourite collections so far has been Virgin Mojito and Pinita Colada. I also look forward to The Body Shop Christmas range each year too.
If you have some last minute Christmas gifts to buy, make a beeline for The Body Shop. There’s currently a 3 For 2 offer in store on in the gift set range, and also a limited time online offer of 40% discount which you can find on the website.

Here are my top picks:

Strawberry Gift Set, £35

It’s hard to pick, but I think my all-time favourite scent from The Body Shop is strawberry. Purely because it reminds me of my childhood and using the shower gel and the bar of soap. It smells very jam-like, which is not surprising when you learn that they are partnered with a well-known jam business for their strawberry seeds to make this wonderful range.

Festive Tin, £18

These apple-shaped tins make the cutest gifts! Would be a bit awks to wrap but that’s coming from someone who can’t wrap properly. I love it but I can’t wrap. Each apple tin contains mini shower gel, body lotion, body scrub and body butter from this year’s Christmas collection; Spiced Apple, Vanilla Chai, and Frosted Berries.
the body shop stocking fillers

Stocking Fillers, from £4

Talking of Christmas collection, The Body Shop is also an ideal place to pick up a couple of stocking fillers such as sponges, duo gift sets, and individual beauty products like hand cream and lip balm.

the body shop iconic gift set, beauty christmas gift sets

The Iconic Gift Set, from £40

This is an all-rounder for all beauty lovers. I can only find the smaller Iconic Gift Set on The Body Shop website but the large Iconic Gift Set (pictured) is available to buy in store (if you’re quick!) It has a nice selection of their best-selling body and skincare.

The Body shop Hemp Hard-Working Hand Protector

Hemp Hard-Working Hand Protector, £5

Word on the street is that there’s 1 Hemp hand cream sold around the world every 9 seconds. If you suffer from dry skin on your hands, the formula of The Body Shop’s Hemp Hard-Working Hand Protector is created for you! The cream will keep them hydrated, smooth, and protected.
the body shop oils of life gift set
the body shop oils of life

Oils Of Life, from £15

For this time of year, keeping your skin in a good condition is a difficult thing to do. There’s the weather to contend with, and it’s likely that we’re eating more sugary, creamy treats (I’m not going to resist the box of Roses, to be honest. And there’s no way I’m missing out on the cheeseboard on Christmas day. No way.). All these factors will effect the way your skin looks but The Body Shop has a wide range of skincare to suit all skintypes and it is strong rival for the high end brands.
I’ve had my eye on the Drops Of Youth and Vitamin C range for ages but the glowing gold packaging of Oils Of Life caught my eye. Suited more for dry skin, Oils Of Life is formulated with 3 precious seed oils (black cumin seed oil, rosehip seed oil, and camellia seed oil) to revitalise and repair skin.
the body shop face masks
the body shop face masks

Face Masks, £15

There are give face masks in this lovely collection, so you will be able to find one that suits your skintype or skin problem. They remind me of jam and looks good enough to eat! They smell great too. 
The body shop white musk

White Musk Gift Set, £15

The White Musk due gift set is such good value for money! For £15, this set includes a body lotion and a bottle of eau de toilette. White Musk is an iconic scent, it has been around for years. It contains notes of musk (obvs!), lily, rose, and vanilla. 
the body shop make up, the body shop matte lipsticks

The Body Shop Make-Up, from £8

I haven’t tried anything from their make-up range until this event because I used to think it was like Boots Natural Collection where it was sheer, natural, and … well, sheer. I’m pleased to report, after several swatches, that it’s high in pigment. 
The cosmetics range includes lipsticks (in several finishes, including matte), liquid lipsticks, eyeshadows (individual and in palette form!), bronzers, blushers, foundations, and brush sets.

the body shop spa of the world

Spa Of The World range, from £14

This range is more ‘grown up’ than their fruity stuff. The packaging design for Spa Of The World has a premium, high end vibe but the price points remain around the £14-£23 mark. It smells and feels luxurious too, just like walking in to a spa!
the body shop gift sets

Don’t forget that there’s currently a 3 For 2 offer on at The Body Shop stores right now – it’s the first time they’ve ever done a 3 For 2, so definitely take advantage! 
Alternatively, if you’re shopping online, you can get 40% off your order (plus a free shea body butter AND free delivery if your order is over £10) with code 19807.
Happy last minute gift shopping! I’ve yet to complete my Christmas shopping too. Eeeeks.
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