Virgin Mojito From The Body Shop
I’ve been excited for the Virgin Mojito Collection to launch at The Body Shop because that’s my favourite cocktail! Years ago, I went out one evening after work with some friends for a mojito night and it was so much fun, one of the best nights out! Plus, I don’t get hangovers from them either – hurrah for rum! – so that makes the classic mojito my favourite cocktail ever! 
The Body Shop has launched the Virgin Mojito Collection which you can buy in stores or online now! I think it has been in some stores for a week but the official launch is today (2nd June).

The full range, as I briefly blogged about here, is made up of 5 body products and 3 Happy Hour gift sets. There’s a body scrub (£15), shower gel (£4), body sorbet (£8), body butter (£13) and a body splash (£16). 

As it’s a Virgin Mojito, it’s all the ingredients minus the rum! As I expected, the scent of the products are bursting with refreshing lime and mint extracts from the Caribbean – it’s so perfect for Summer! I originally thought that it might be similar to Soap&Glory’s Sugar Crush, and it is, except the sugary sweetness is replaced with a cleaner, sharper tone.
the body shop virgin mojito
I couldn’t wait to start using this, the bottle’s actually half gone already and I’ve not had it long! It is a pretty standard shower gel that’s great to use in the mornings to wake up skin. Anyone who has used shower gels from The Body Shop before know how fab they are. Gentle on skin, cleanses and lathers up nicely! Thumbs up for the Virgin Mojito Shower Gel!
Virgin Mojito Body Scrub
Virgin Mojito Body Scrub
Body scrubs are a must-have for me, and I’ve got all kinds of them in my bathroom at the moment! I have some really gritty ones for when I need a proper scrub, or ones that have fine, sparse particles for a light exfoliation.

This Virgin Mojito Body Scrub is the latter, it’s suitable for daily us and great for sensitive skin because it’s not too harsh. It’s a gel/jelly formula that remove sun cream with ease so maybe it will be a nice one to take on holiday for all the family to use!

Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet body shop

This one is quite unusual, it’s called a body sorbet which moisturises your body but it doesn’t feel like any other body lotions I’ve ever tried before. It is nice, and it’s such a hit amongst beauty bloggers. I love the cooling sensation on skin but the texture does takes some getting used to. 
When you’re rubbing it in to skin, it starts of feeling a bit mushy at first and I thought that maybe my tube had gone off, but after looking in to it, I have realised that this is totally normal. The ‘mushy-ness’ it’s actually teeny tiny microballs of moisture surface and evently burst while your work the sorbet in to the skin.

It quick to absorb in to skin and has a mattifying effect so it’s not greasy or slippery at all. The Body Sorbet contains Community Fair Trade Aloe Vera for it’s moisture-rich properties. You can even put the Body Sorbet in the fridge and use after your shower for a really refreshing, cooling experience! £8

The Virgin Mojito Range and Happy Hour gift sets is available to buy at The Body Shop now, in stores or online!
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12 thoughts on “Virgin Mojito From The Body Shop | Beauty Review

  1. Wow, your pictures look amazing! Also, have the body shop changed the packaging of their body scrubs? I have one in my shower that I got a few months back and I'm pretty sure it isn't in a little jar like that? I'm not the biggest fan of Soap&Glory's SugarCrush scent, I sometimes find it to be a bit too sickly sweet so I think the mojito range could be right up my street! Really been enjoying looking through your posts on this lovely sunny evening!

  2. I agree, your photos really are something! My go-to scent for the summer is "Vanilla Summer" by LAVANILA, but I'm starting to think I'll have to give this one a go! x

    Emily | Lynde Avenue

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