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Oh wow, it’s been a long time since I sat down and wrote about my beauty recommendations. Honestly, there hasn’t been a day when I’ve not been racked with guilt about the neglect of my blog.

Every morning, I’d promise myself that after work that night I would write a beauty blogpost… but then there’s the struggle with time, motivation and energy.

It’s my day off today so I’m going to strike while the iron’s hot! I finally have a spare moment to gather some words together about my current favourite beauty products! Wooo!

Let’s get back in to it nice and slow, shall we!

soap and glory call of fruity

Soap & Glory Call Of Fruity

Smart Foam (£5.20): The dream girls (and boys!) at Soap & Glory have added a couple of new products to their new (ish) Call Of Fruity fragrance range. Smart Foam is a unique mouldable shower foam. Although the unique texture was probably not formulated this way not for the fun-factor but to prevent any foam from dropping from your hands when in the shower.

Paradise Glossed (£7.50): If you find it a chore to moisturise but also don’t want skin as dry as a lizard’s, you may be interested in Soap & Glory’s Paradise Glossed. It’s my new favourite product. Shake & spritz, and you’re glossed with a nourishing body oil made of coconut and almond oils.

Pixi beauty vitamin C skincare
Pixi beauty vitamin-C skincare

Ever used Pixi Beauty skincare before? If not, why not, hun!? Get yourself to the beauty department, stat!

I love Pixi Beauty skintreats at the moment, I’m obsessed with their cleansers, tonics, serums and balms! Previously, I’ve been using their rose range but since running out, I’ve switched to their new Vitamin-C range.

The beauty industry goes through these hero-ingredients. Remember when almost-everything had hyaluronic acid in? Coconut oil, charcoal? Well, vitamin-c, is having it’s moment right now.

The benefits of vitamin-c in skincare is that the powerful ingredient embodies anti-ageing properties, it boost collagen, helps the skin heal, and as an anti-oxidant it protects your skin from free radicals.

My favourite from Pixi Beauty’s new skincare range are Vitamin-C tonic, serum and caviar balm. Leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean, smooth and radiant.

MUA makeup

MUA pro/base

There aren’t that many opportunities for me these days to wear a full face of make-up so I’ve stripped my collection back to basics.

My daily mix of make-up includes MUA’s Pro/Base range; liquid foundation for medium coverage matte finish, concealer to brighten under the eyes, banana blur primer or the primer spray to prolong make-up wear throughout the working day.

Roger&Gallet Extrait De Cologne

Roger&Gallet is such an understated brand in the UK. Going back to it’s French roots, the Extrait De Colognes collection is made of 5 fresh fragrances.

If you love rose scented fragrances, Roger&Gallet’s Rose Mignonnerie cologne (from £30) is my fave. It has a sharp citrus note when freshly spritzed but the dry-down is the scent of sweet Bulgarian roses. It reminds me of my favourite Roses de Chloe perfume.

What are your beauty recommendation?


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