Here is another brand focus for you today! I’ve been on a roll with these lately, I’ve enjoyed using some lovely bath and shower products from amazing brands these past few months, and Lucky Cloud is one of them!

Lucky Cloud | Handmade, Natural, Vegan Beauty Products

Again, much like a lot of the beauty skincare brands I’ve been testing out, Lucky Cloud is natural, botanical and 100% suitable for vegans. 
The products are handmade and crafted in Scotland and within their range, you will find body milks, body balms, body butter, lip balms and gift sets. It is, currently, quite a small range but with Lucky Cloud, it is definitely about quality, not quantity, and I’m more than happy about that!
Lucky Cloud Soothing Body Milk

Lucky Cloud Soothing Body Milk*

The only two scents are a citrusy Sweet Orange & Vanilla, and a soothing Lavender & Rose Geranium in the body range. And 3 yummy scents in the lip butter collection (coconut, vanilla, and cocoa).
The body milk* is exactly what you’d expect. The consistency is milky, runny and light. It features a blend of nourishing, dry-skin-combatting oils including lavender, rose geranium, oat, olive, thistle and vitamin E oil. Even though it is formulated with all those oils, the body milk doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on skin. It’s available in two sizes (200ml for £15 or 100ml for £10) and is suitable for every day use.
Lucky Cloud Hydrating Body Balm

Lucky Cloud Hydrating Body Balm*

Admittedly, body balms aren’t my favourite beauty product to use but I do have jars and jars of them scattered about in my room. It’s my ‘just incase’ item. You know – when your skin gets to dry that it starts cracking away like no tomorrow and you feel like the only thing that will help is bathing your entire body in a vat of vegetable oil or something.
Luckily, we don’t have to go to that extreme. Body balms are incredibly useful products to have during Winter to soften up fugly cracked skin. It’s the just-incase-my-skin-needs-rescuing balm. Lucky Cloud’s Hydrating Body Balm (in sweet orange and vanilla scent) helps with dry, damaged and irritated skin, as well as scarring. 
It is made with calendula oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E, shea butter, cocoa butter, orange essential oils and Benzoin essential oil to provide comfort and hydration upon application.
Available in 60ml for £15, or 120 for £23.  

Lucky Cloud Coconut Lip Butter

Lucky Cloud Coconut Lip Butter*

This lip butter* (£4) is great, it melt on contact with skin so you don’t get that greasy, waxy layer. I often find coconut scented products too artificial, as if brands have been an overly keen to brands to include all the exotic fragrances in one product. But Lucky Cloud has got it right on with this lip butter, the coconut scent is sooo nice smells very authentic, like creamy coconut milk.
If coconut isn’t your thing, there’s a vanilla and a cocoa option. The cocoa one sounds great, and looks like chocolate. I will purchase that one once I’ve finished up all of my lip butters. 
You can buy Lucky Cloud products directly from their website.

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