I love putting a Christmas stocking, festive goody bag, or even a hamper together for my best gals. It is so satisfying and I always have a lot of ideas for a stockings filling them with nice quality products that people will actually use, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either. 
beauty stocking filler ideas

Beauty Stocking Fillers Gift Guide

I actually enjoy darting around town, going from shop to shop, looking for little gifts to fill a Christmas stocking. Come to think of it, it’s probably one of my favourite things about December. It’s up there with wrapping presents. I think what they says about me is that I prefer the preparation for Christmas rather than the day itself!

beauty stocking filler ideas gift guide

As with most years (and being a beauty bloggers ’n’ all) I’ve gone for a beauty themed stocking fillers (no surprises there) and here’s my input on what I think would make fab beauty stocking fillers this Christmas. I’ve got a little bit of everything in here!

Look Good Feel Better make up brushes

Make Up Brushes

Look Good Feel Better is a fantastic charity that supports women who are struggling with the visible side effects from cancer treatment. They dedicate the cause to help people look good and feel better by improving their self-esteem, boost confidence, and to better their well-being. Between 8%-12% of the product sale is donated to Look Good Feel Better.
Look Good Feel Better bushes* are high quality and reasonably priced. I use LGFB make-up brushes on a daily basis and can say that they are made to a great, professional standard. They come in sets if you want to buy as a gift, or select individual brushes as stocking fillers. Pictured above is the Concealer Brush (£7.99), Angled Contour Brush (£11.90) and Detailed Eyeliner Brush (£6.99) from Boots, M&S, and LookFantastic.
the english soap company vintage soap

Luxury Soap

I thought that these bars of soap from The English Soap Company (£4.95 each) look very festive with their vintage style paper all the way from Italy (how very fancy!). As they are already beautifully wrapped, that is one less gift to worry about. They smell really good too and are made with moisturising shea butter and essential oils, so unlike regular soap, they won’t leave your skin feeling dry or irritated. 

beauty pro sheet masks

Sheet Masks

Quite often, sheet masks comes packaged in a box containing 4 sheet masks, but Beauty Pro gives you the option to buy them individually. This give you the choice to mix and match (take advantage of the 3 For 2 offer that’s currently running) – and there are lots to choose from including the three that in the photo above. If face isn’t there thing, maybe try the hand or foot mask. Prices start from £3.49 per pack, and obviously cheaper if you go for the 3 For 2 offer.

Umberto Giannini over indulge hair mask

Hair Mask

I think everyone should apply a hair mask once a week (I do mine every Sunday mornings) because the difference it makes is astounding. My hair could feel like straw one minute and it can all be fixed within a few minutes thanks to hair mask. 
Like everything else though, it is something you have to keep doing. And it can feel like a chore (less of a chore in the summer time when you can leave your hair to dry naturally), but you can apply the treatment into your hair, get on with house work for 30 minutes, wash it out, and DONE. Your hair is shiny, soft, and swishy once more!
OR… for a really quick fix, Umberto Giannini Over Indulge intensive treatment works within 3 minutes! Perfect for any beauty bloggers… because we all know us bloggers lurrrrve our white and rose gold foil packaging.
bee good lip balm trio

Lip Balm

In this Bee Good Lip Balm Gift set, there are THREE lip balms. You get all three! This includes the original Vanilla and Honey, and the special edition Lime Blossom and Honey, and my favourite, Raspberry and White Chocolate scented lip balms. 
tweezerman gift sets for Christmas

The Only Tweezer You’ll Ever Need

These are a bit of a pricy stocking filler, but because of how small they are, I don’t think they look impressive enough to gift on it’s own? Don’t get me wrong, Tweezerman tweezers are the best and I couldn’t live without mine, but gifted on it’s own, it doesn’t seem like a substantial present, if you understand where I’m coming from.
Therefore, I think they make a great gift alongside a few other things. Tweezerman have such a wide range of products, they sell more than just tweezers. I know! WHO KNEW! Their range of beauty tools include tweezers (well, d’uh), nail clippers, filers, beauty sponges, eyelash curlers, etc. 
Just their tweezers alone have about a million designs to choose from. Ok, not exactly a million, but there are many nice designs to choose from (seriously nice! Check out this lot). Like these from their A/W collection. The sparkly Merry & Bright Mini Duo Tweeze Set containing a monochrome/gold glitter pair of tweezers (£33), and my fave (of course), the Rose Gold Slant Tweezers* (£22)! 
Who knew a pair of tweezers could be so pretty!
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