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Price’s Candles have been around since 1830 which makes them one of the oldest candle manufacture around! It’s a brand that I’ve come across every now and then but not one that I see very often.
I have been told that the Royal family are a fan with Price’s supplying candles for the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. As a Royal Warrant Holder, they supply candles for all other Royal state occasions such as coronations.
Well, if it’s good enough for the Royals, it’s certainly good enough for me!
Price's Candles, sweet pear candle
These days, however, I do opt for candles made of soy wax and these candles are actually made of a blend of paraffin and vegetable wax, but what I think is attractive about Price’s Candles – and I’m sure you will agree – is the prices of their candles (well, doesn’t sound rather poetic!).
No, but seriously, the large jar candles are only £18! That’s £3.99 cheaper than Yankee Candle. And I know everyone is going to compare it to Yankee due to the similarity on it’s appearance.

sweet pear candle

At first, I was dubious about Price’s Candles large jars which are one of many ranges within the brand but naturally, I wondered if they were going to be as good as Yankee. They’re made of a mix of paraffin and vegetable wax, and the scent is scented all the way through the candle ensuring is as a great pay-off.

Sweet Pear is a great Spring scent. It’s sweet, fresh, and juicy. It has a lovely authentic smell and it gives off just the right amount of fragrance when the candle is burning. These large jars burn for up to 150 hours.
prices candles eliminates odour
This is the range that I know Price’s for. Ages and ages ago, I tried the Chef’s Candle from the Fresh Air collection which promises to eliminate odour. I don’t know whether the candle masks strong smells or it actually has some special power to eliminate them. This range of candles features Odourfoyl™ technology to neutralise unwanted odours. 
This range includes Anti-Tabacco, Household, Open Window, Chef’s Candle and 4 limited edition scents; Brazilian Mango, Violet Garden, Mulled Wine and Spiced Vanilla.
Brazilian Mango is a burst of tropical fruitiness. Made with extracts of plump juicy mango and sweet guava, it makes a gorgeous candle that I’ll be glad to burn throughout Spring and Summer!
The Fresh Air candles come in a small range of sizes but they are significantly smaller than the large jars, of course. The one pictured burns for unto 30 hours.

price's candles signature range

This has a more premium feel and has a higher price point in comparison to the large jars and Fresh Air candles. Scents in the Signature Range include Darjeeling, Elderflower Presse, Damson Rose, Melon & Cucumber, Cognac, and of course, Arabian Princess – they feel like they would appeal to an older customer. 
Arabian Princess is an exotic, silky aroma of amber, vanilla and light spices with a nutty tone to it. This candle comes with a metal snuffer lid, and the medium candles have a burn time of 45 hours.
You can find a selection of Price’s Candles in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and John Lewis. The full range can be purchased from their website where there’s currently a sale on selected items.
If you’re local to the Bedford area, you can visit their Trade Shop which is open to the public. All of their details can be found on their website.


  1. 17th April 2016 / 2:57 pm

    i'm such a royalist that i'd try these just because of that, haha! but the scents seem lovely too:-) xx

  2. 17th April 2016 / 3:29 pm

    These actually sound so amazing! Will definitely look into these! <3 Lovely review Sarah!

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