After reading a rather huffy email first thing this morning, I decided that I could continue to be annoyed by the words I had read and let it ruin my day, or forget about it and enjoy a positive day! The latter sounds good to me because a stupid email is totally not worth getting angry over! 
So here is an uplifting blogpost from me today, and a bunch of random things that cheer me up!
I’ve been looking for a decorative pineapple ornament for the home since the Easter so when I popped in to TK Maxx a couple of weeks ago and saw this sitting on the shelf, I picked it up straight away! It was the only one left, and although it’s a little tarnished on the top, at £5.99 it was a bargain I couldn’t resist! 
These hedgehog slippers are super adorable and I love them so much! They’re lined with fleece and has a pom pom for a nose… what’s not to like! My cousin bought me them for Christmas, they’re from Topshop but I’m not sure if there available anymore. They’re just the cutest!
Can never have too many lip balms, especially during the cold season. Blistex have launched Happy Lips, a new lip balm that comes in two fruity flavours. Mouthwatering Mango and Simple Sensational Strawberry. I haven’t opened the Mango one yet because the packaging is personalised and has my name on it. Things with my name on them makes me happy so I kind of want to keep it in tact for now! If you’d like to try these new lip balms, they are available from Boots for £2.49 each.
I know that the trend is “sooooo last season” and during the middle of winer, the sight of anything tropical is far from suitable, but I don’t care because I have an eternal love for all things pineapple! It’s a fun trend and reminds me of Summer, or being on holiday. This porcelain miniature pineapple necklace from Ohh Deer, and isn’t the cutest necklace you’ve ever seen!
Talking of necklaces, I’ve been wearing this coin pendant from Azuni a lot lately. A coin pendant is something I’ve been looking for but it has never been the right one. This one has a really nice quote on it, it says:
“Happiness is the journey, not the destination”
It’s something I needed to hear this month, and is a nice reminder for when I’m wearing the necklace.
I received this through the post from Arran Aromatics and it was a total surprise. Really made my day! It’s a limited edition candle for Valentine’s Day and is packaged in a heart shaped gift box! It’s smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers – it’s perfect!
CATS RULE! Yeah, they do! 
I love this sweater though. I’m always a bit wary of that they’re made of the thick fabric, they always make me look bulky but this one from Brat & Suzie’s Spring collection is a flattering, lovely long sleeved top. 
Although now that I’ve formed a strong bond with my family’s miniature Poodle (Bonnie), I feel kind of mean for wearing a sweater that says dogs drool, haha! And speak of the devil….
Here’s the little Miss Bonnie, distracting me from doing work!
I couldn’t post a pic of Bonnie and not one of Oscar, so here’s my babe! (God, he’s got a big face!!!)
Sometimes, I get really random parcels. Not that I’m complaining, I LOVE a good surprise. This month, E45 (yes, the cream!) sent me their new Repair And Protect Overnight Hand Lotion plus a pretty dreamcatcher and a dream dictionary! I’ve always been intrigued as to whether dreamcatchers work and now I can find out! Also, if anyone wants to know what their dreams mean, I’m your gal!
Another happy find from TK Maxx! For the longest time ever, I forgot that TK Maxx even existed but it is becoming my favourite place to shop this past 4 weeks! I love going in there and having a proper rummage for goodies. I bought this Kelloggs Cornflakes tin as Niki broke our sugar jar before Christmas. They had lots of other designs, including a Kelloggs Frosties one, but I love how simple the Corn Flakes one looked. I think it was £5.
I look forward to baths every night because that’s my ‘me time’ and it’s how I relax. I come out of the bathroom a different person!! I’m running low on Lush goodies but I’ve got a couple of Candy Mountains and a jar of Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly left. Time to pop in to Lush soon and stock up on some bubble bars!
Project PAINT-EVERYTHING-WHITE has begun. After months of pondering, I’ve decided to make a start on painting everything in my flat white! All of the furniture are dark wood so I’m excited to give it a whole new look. I am enjoying this little project, I look forward to painting after work! I’ve got 3 tables, 4 bedside tables and two sets of wardrobe to paint. 
Two down, seven to go!
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31 thoughts on “Some Of My Favourite Things Lately

  1. Lots of lovely things in this post, I can see why they are your favourites! Those little hedgehog slippers are so cute (as are Oscar and Bonnie!!) and I love that happiness necklace, I'd love a dream book too as I have some very odd reoccurring dreams that surely must mean something! 🙂 xx

  2. what a lovely post of pretty things, i hope you did feel better for the rest of the day! i love the pineapple, and the necklace as well. and cute slippers and socks with animal faces are the best:-) xx

  3. I'm still on board with the pineapple trend, though it seems to have faded 😛 I was shopping with my friend once and pointed out a cute pineapple print something I liked, and my friend looked at me, rolled her eyes, and said, "Ohhh so you're one of those piiiineapple people," hahha. How are you liking The Dream Dictionary from A to Z? I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but I love the cover! It's gorgeous! Also loving your hedgehog slippers and Corn Flakes tin 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

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