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FACE The Day With Balance Me

My Instagram is filled with photos of unhealthy treats lately and I feel like people are starting to judge! I do eat healthily, but pretty cakes and sweet treats are always nicer to photograph, right?! (#socialmediaproblems).
When this box of healthy treats arrived from Balance Me, it was just what I needed to get back into the health kick! After all, you are what you eat – and yummy snacks doesn’t have to be unhealthy, as Balance Me has shown me! I’ve also stocked up on healthy stuff from Holland & Barratts and I’ve enjoyed snacking without feeling guilty!

Inside the box that Balance Me sent me was also two new skincare from Balance Me to prepare us to #FACEtheday. Mornings are totally not my thing so I need all the help I can get!

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As I’ve got older, I have noticed my pores get bigger. It’s not a huge concern of mine yet but lets just say that I’m staying well away from compact mirrors and mirrors that magnify! I know that there are so many cosmetics that helps reduce the size of pores and they’re great but I’m looking for something with long term solution as opposed to a short term fix. Something that tightens pores rather than fills them in (which has always kind of grossed me out!).
Balance Me Instant Lift Minimiser features Acacia Gum and Hyaluronic Acid to plump the skin, boost collagen and shrink the appearance of pores. I only apply it on areas of concern which are currently the centre of my face and the front part of my forehead. I only use the tiniest drop otherwise it makes my skin too oily throughout the day.
I was a bit worried about using this eye cream when I saw the word ‘tinted’ on the packaging, I wondered if it would’ve been the right shade of tint for me. Was I going to end up with two orange circles around my eyes?

Actually, no. I needn’t have worried because the tint blends in very well into my skin and although it’s pretty much becomes undetectable and invisible, it cleverly conceals and brightens the eye area. That’s good for me then, because I constantly lack sleep and this cream is great for concealing dark circles!

It’s light and gentle on the eyes, it doesn’t irritate the skin and you don’t get that tightening sensation. It also absorbs quickly too so you can get on with applying your make-up after a couple of minutes! It contains cucumber seed oil for it’s cooling effect, rosehip oil for antioxidant properties and Arctic Cloudberry Seed Extract for it’s Vitamin E goodness that helps protect your skin.
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