flamingo candles candy shop collection
Flamingo Candles Candy Shop S/S 14 Collection* – from £12.00 each
I’ve said it before. I LOVE CANDLES! In April, I blogged about part of my candle collection and I have added to it since and even though I have enough to open a shop, I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying candles and asking for them every Christmas! I love lighting them on an Winter evening when I’m in my room watching TV, when I’m having a bubble bath, or when I have friends and family over. I love the flat smelling nice all of the time.

flamingo candles candy shop collection, candy floss scented candle
Last week, I had three beautiful candles to add to my collection. Flamingo Candles introduced me to their new S/S collection which consists of five gorgeous sweet shop inspired candles. I’ve got the Parma Violet (purple candle), Candy Floss (pink) and Vanilla Milk Bottle (white) but there’s also a bubblegum scented one, and also pear drops. Sounds delicious, right? 
flamingo candles candy shop collection, milk bottle scented candle
I was so happy with the look of mine, I ripped the packaging open and took lots of photos for the blog because I couldn’t wait to start burning them straight away!
I actually got a bit carried away with taking the photos of these, they are so pretty and I ended up taking close to 100! I’m sure you don’t need to see these candles in every single angle to appreciate how pretty they are. I particularly love how the pastel colours go with my blog, I love it when that happens!
flamingo candles, parma violet scented candle
flamingo candles
flamingo candles
The candles itself comes in a jar, each one with a fabulous flamingo on it. They believe in producing quality, handmade, natural and organic candles from EcoSoy wax which are free from petroleum, paraffin, pesticides and toxic material. Sounds awesome to me! Some cheaper candles that I buy from supermarkets sometimes leave me with a dry throat, and other times, the fragrance is so strong that it gives me a headache.
Even though my new candles are candy shop themed, the scent is subtle. It doesn’t produce a strong smell that can smelt for miles but it’s enough to fragrant the room with a distinctive and lingering smell of your favourite childhood sweets! It is really lovely and they look great around my flat! 
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131 thoughts on “Flamingo Candles | Candy Shop Collection

  1. Ooo I think i'd go for Vanilla Milk Bottle, although the colour of the Lemon and LIme mojito flavour reminds me of the aviary at Waddesdon Manor, which (as I'm lucky enough to live there) is in my backgarden!! Pity we don't have any flamingos, but I wrote about the other birds here- NothinglikeDownton
    My twitter is @ElizaEaston
    E x

  2. The candles look really nice :3
    I'm thinking about trying out some yankee candles and some primark candles during the new season!
    Take care, have a nice day*

  3. I love flamingo candles! I'm currently burning 'cheesecake crunch' which is gorgeous. Their new candy shop collection sounds so yummy. I'm currently lusting after Parma Violets!


  4. These look so amazing, the packaging is fantastic. I've been eyeing up a flamingo print on notonthehighstreet for my bedroom, so when I get it I will have to get one of these to match! I think I would probably go for Vanilla Milk Bottle, as it sounds delicious and would be the best match colour-scheme wise. That said, I am obsessed with rose and violet scents, so I think I would love Parma Violets too! xx

  5. These look lovely and I'd love to try any of them but vanilla milk bottles would be my first choice! Have wanted one of these for ages. My twitter handle is @handmadenat

  6. These candles sounds like they will smell gorgeous, I think Asian Pear and Plum would be my fave, I am following on GFC, hope it is ok if I don't leave my email as don't want to get spammed

  7. Who knew candles could come in so many scents?! I think my favourite would be the cranberry, orange & cinnamon one or the vanilla milk bottles. I'm soooo tempted to buy one but I think I'll wait in case I win 😉

    I follow under the name 'Smaz' on GFC & my Twitter handle is 'SmazSays'.

    P.s. I have become obsessed with flamingos recently since coming face-to-face with some at our work summer party haha!

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