New Beauty Products Available In Boots!

Boots is a very overwhelming place to shop in, isn’t it? It’s funny how it’s not particularly my favourite shop and I don’t really enjoy the journey as a customer yet every time I go in, I will come out with more than what I wanted! What is the deal with that! And now I’ve got a Boots staff discount, there’s more reason to hang around a little bit longer and buy even more beauty products I don’t really need. Story of my life.


I recently learnt that in 200 of the large Boots stores, they have a stand called Beauty Finds where the new launches are displayed. If you pop in and visit this display, you’ll see some of these new arrivals* store:

Boots is a bit slow on this one but I am very glad that EOS is now available to buy in there! It’s right where EOS lip balms belongs! When I first tried EOS lip balm spheres, I used them sparingly which is funny considering I had four of them – they were going to last me years! But I knew they weren’t available to buy in the UK at the time and I didn’t want to run out, but honestly, there was no risk of these lip balm spheres running out any time soon. They last for months and months (and months and months!). They come in several scents such as Strawberry Sorbet, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Lemon Drop and Summer Fruits. If you haven’t tried them yet, give them a go! They are one of my favourite lip balms.
This is a universal brow pencil that suits all skin tones. I’m hesitant about these types of brow products as it often goes on too harsh but I look forward to seeing what this does! I tend to stick to a powder for my brows though, so I already know it’s probably not going to be my new go-to brow product. But Billion Dollar Brows also do brow powders and brow gels so I’ll be keen to check them out next time I’m in Boots.
This type of brow product is all the rage at the moment. If anyone has tried Benefit’s Gimme Brow, it’s very similar to that. Wunderbrow adds volume and sets your brows with hair-like fibres that adheres to skin and hair. 
Forget the Tangle Teezer, Wet Brush is what you need in your (hair’s) life. It combs your hair gently without pain and the bristles feels all tickly on your scalp! I featured Wet Brush in my 7 BEAUTY MUST-HAVES and I still stand by this. These hair brushes are brilliant!
HAIR BURST – Vitamins For Healthy Hair
I really should give these a go because my hair is in a sorry state… But I am not good at taking capsules. I might persevere and see if these make any difference to my hair. Of course, if the result are great, I will continue taking them (even though I really don’t like swallowing capsules! Gag!). 
When we were clearing out the old Soap & Glory office in preparation to move to our new premises, a colleague found a tub of Egyptian Balm in their drawer and had said how amazing it is. I hadn’t heard of it until then but that same week when I popped in to Liberty’s, I saw it being stocked there and I thought that if Liberty’s are selling it, it MUST be AMAZING! I haven’t tried it yet because I’ve got a couple of beauty balms to get through and I don’t want to open the Egyptian Balm just for the sake of opening it! I am feeling a bit precious over it for some reason. Once I get round to trying this special balm, I will do a review on it. But all you need to know is that it’s made from six of nature’s most powerful moisturising and healing ingredients, and all the beauty gurus are raving about it. I will report back SOON!
WAH NAILS Immerge Nail Set
I was very excited when I heard that WAH NAILS were launching their own range of nail polishes. I went to their nail bar in London last year – the only time I’ve ever got my nails done professionally and I enjoyed the experience. I got some fun smiley faces painted on to my nails, it was so cute! Maybe I can recreate the experience with this set of nail polishes. I’ve not tried the ‘immerge’ effect yet but basically, you apply the polish on to your nails and whilst they’re still wet, you can merge the colours so that the bleed, blend or overlap. The brushes will require a lot of cleaning in between the swishing to avoid contaminating the colours in the bottle. I can see this getting quite messy so I need to set some time aside to do it properly! But of course, the shades can be worn on it’s own or you can create other types of nail art with it.


I got right in to these as soon as they arrived! I’ve been trying a lot of teeth whitening products without having to go through the pain of actually using a peroxide formula. Unfortunately, nothing has worked and I think the only way ones that work effectively are formulas that contain peroxide (but ugh, sensitive teeth issues!). I’ve tried a couple of MR. BLANC strips which don’t contain peroxide and is enamel-friendly. You’re supposed to use them every day for 2 weeks to see a difference. The results are subtle but I would repurchase these again, for sure! 
All of these beauty products are now available from Boots.
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6 thoughts on “New Beauty Products Available In Boots!

  1. I have heard so much about the Egyptian Magic Cream – I ca'n't wait to get my hands on that. Its also pretty exciting that eos is now in Boots. I know Selfridges sell them but I don't have one close to me & I love the eos lipbalms. They last forever & what a great selection of scents. I like the citrus ones best of all

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