Giveaways are rare on this blog, but I just couldn’t say no to this one! I thought this would be a lovely treat, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a free drink! I tweeted a picture of some Rekorderlig cider a couple of months ago and was so surprised by the positive response, so I know you’re all a fan of this brand and that this was a giveaway that you’d all approve of!
Rekorderlig is a premium cider and is available in the most yummiest flavours; strawberry & lime, pear, apple, wild berries, apple & blackcurrant, orange & ginger,  and winter cider. I think my favourite is the wild berries, but it is difficult to choose just the one! Rekorderlig Cider have recently launched a new flavour mango & raspberry. I thought it might be quite a tangy and sour in taste but it’s such a fruity and subtle with a very summery fragrance and it is the prettiest raspberry colour. 
We have 5 CASES to giveaway! They are offering Temporary:Secretary blog readers the chance to win 1 of the 5 cases! Each case contains 8 x 500ml bottles (Alc 4.0% Vol), all in mango-raspberry flavour. The giveaway ends just before the end of the month, so you may get your cider in time for the Jubilee weekend! Hurrah!
To enter, simply follow these steps:
  • Follow Temporary:Secretary blog via Google Friend Connect (this is on the sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen) Entrants must be a follower of this blog.
  • Leave a comment to tell us what your dream cider flavour combination would be. It can be as elaborate as you want. Mine would be chocolate and orange
  • Don’t forget to include your email address, or Twitter user name in the comment, so I can contact you if you’re a chosen winner

      Terms and Conditions: All entrants must follow the 3 steps as instructed above. Entrants not complying to entry rules may not successfully qualify for the prize draw. The Rekorderlig giveaway is open to UK residents only. Entrants must be the age of 18 or over. Winners selected at random via Winners must be able to provide proof of age when claiming prize and will be required to scan ID (passport or driving license) and send via email. Giveaway ends on Sunday 27th May 2012 and all 5 winners will be contacted within 24 hours of closing date. 
      Enjoy responsibly

      Update: Winners are Natasha from The Secret Tea Party, Joy from Dear Joy, Emily from Emerliejay, Rosie from A Rosie Outlook and Caroline from All About The Girl

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      127 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY | WIN Rekorderlig Mango-Raspberry Cider

      1. oh such a wicked giveaway! i absolutely love rekorderlig.. it's one of the few alcoholic drinks i actually enjoy. i think if i could invent my own flavour of cider it'd be lemon and cherry (i imagine it to be nice and sweet like cherry lemonade, pink in colour)or pineapple and orange for a summery twist.

        my twitter is: @jadestobbs

        lots of love! x

      2. Already following you on Bloglovin' but now following on GFC too πŸ™‚

        This is a fab giveaway, crossing all fingers and toes that I win. I think my idea flavour would definitely be Elderflower and Pear, yummy!!

        Twitter – @aatgblog


      3. I love rekorderlig and am dying to try this new flavour!
        I think my favourite flavour would have to include elderflower! so maybe elderflower and peach?

        my twitter name is @abzster

        love your blog, was already following by bloglovin but now GFC too! πŸ™‚

      4. Mango and Raspberry?!?! That sounds like one of the tastiest things ever… My dream flavour though? Hmmm… red grape, I love a red grape juice!

        Great giveaway!

        Smeeeff xx

      5. Mmm looks yummy! My dream flavour would have to be strawberry and kiwi! Mmm would be lush!xx twitter username- @emhainsworth xx

      6. ooh this would be perfect to have for the jubilee weekend, am going to field day festival so this would be ace. as we are supposed to be supporting all things british, how about strawberries and cream flavour? or jam scone flavour? mmmm x

      7. ooh what a lovely giveaway idea. to be honest, im not a fan of alcoholic cider, but my future sister in law loves rekorderlig, so she would love this!

        a good non-alcoholic flavour for me would be strawberry and pear. thatd be just lovely…

        im following u on twitter @cLare_beaR_ and my email is [email protected]


      8. Awesome idea, love the sound of this flavour combo so much.

        That said, as Cider is traditionally an apple drink, I think my dream cider would be an Apple GlΓΌhwein cier. GlΓΌhwein in DE is awesome, such a winter flavour, with berries, orange, cinammon, nutmeg and my flatmate used to put earl grey tea in too. So a Spcied Apple, Orange and Earl Grey Cider sounds pretty epic to me!

      9. cherry and cinnamon! They are my two FAVOURITE flavours ever. I think that would be the perfect warming cider. It would be perfect either cold with a slice of citrus or hot in the winter with a cinnamon stick! πŸ˜€

        [email protected]

      10. MM, cider, the beverage this Cornish lass wholeheartedly agrees with! My perfect cider flavour would have to be Cream Soda, or Kola Cubes! Old skool yummies.

        Soph (@crownandglory_)

      11. Oh I LOVE Rekorderlig cider!! My favourite is the strawberry & lime πŸ™‚ Hmmm, if I had to make a flavour I think I would go for pineapple & cherry.. strange combo? But I do love those flavours.

        [email protected]

        trinket_box on twitter πŸ™‚


      12. amazing giveaway, i love rekorderlig! this flavour sounds like my dream flavour tbh. passionfruit or cranberry flavours would be lovely too. i have a massive sweet tooth so anything fruity and boozy is a winner in my books!
        [email protected]

      13. They've already made mine! The special edition Christmas one is my FAVOURITE, apple, cinnamon and vanilla! My local does big pints that are HOT around Christmas and it's the best thing ever.

        [email protected]

      14. I think this might actually be my dream cider flavour, but I'd love coconut flavour too…
        Follow on GFC as Jesss, Twitter: @JustJesssBlog


      15. Oooh I do love a flavoured cider!

        I'd love a gingerbread and spiced apple flavour – not very summer I know but oh so tasty! Oooh what about cucumber and strawberry for summer? It'd be like Pimms in cider form πŸ™‚


      16. :O I can't believe you're giving these away, i'm so excited!
        My dream cider flavour of choice is going to sound really odd, but i've always wanted to try butter bear from Harry Potter, so i think it would be a buttery, vanillery, sweet flavour!
        ofc i follow you on GFC and my email is [email protected]

      17. I lovelovelove Rekorderlig, every flavour is so delicious! I think my dream one would be a candyfloss flavour cider though!
        Follow you as LUCYBOOTS ! And I'm @lucyjanewood on twitter
        Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

      18. I can't actually express how much I drooled at the idea of a Mango and Raspberry Rekorderlig (such a pretty picture I paint of myself!). It sounds delicious! If I were to make my own cider, it would still have to be fruity, BUT I think a strawberry Jelly and Ice Cream flavour. I can't express how much I would love to win this competition!

        I follow you on GFC and on Twitter my username is: @NCoops

      19. I LOVE REKORDERLIG. So delicious in summer.
        I think.. my dream combo would be mint and chocolate. perhaps a bit sickly, but I can't get enough of that combination.

        I love the pictures, I wish I could just grab them through my screen..
        thirsty now.
        I follow through GFC, and my twitter is @peaxh

        Kyrie x

      20. Great giveaway, Rekorderlig is my favourite cider by miles……I've never thought about my dream flavour before as I just love the ones they do…….erm think I'd have to pick lemon and lime, please enter me [email protected](dot)com thanks xxx

      21. The best giveaway ever! I absolutely LOVE Rekorderlig cider, it is my absolute favourite. From basic flavour a nice pear is my favourite, but if I could make up an imaginary one, it would be something refreshing like mojito flavour cider or pina colada flavour cider *drool*

        My e-mail is [email protected]

      22. In my mind summer = cider! I never forget when straberry cider came about and I literally drunk it every day through the summer of 2008…. Can't really drink it like that any more!

        My dream flavour would be cranberry and blueberry!

        my email is [email protected]

      23. I love this cider, I discovered it last Summer and it was amazing.

        My dream flavour would be apple and blackberry

        GFC – Victoria
        Thanks for the giveaway

      24. Following, this is seriously a great giveaway! hmmm, going to have to go with white chocolate and raspberry! Would probably not taste too amazing in cider form but its my favourite combination food-wise haha! xoxo

        [email protected]

      25. I've just spent the last 10 minutes salivating at the thought of these cider flavours!
        My dream combos (because I can't pick just one) would be Lychee & Elderflower and Passionfruit & Guava. I wish they were real so I could have one when I finish work!

        [email protected]

      26. mango and passion fruit because that's my favourite smoothie flavour so surely it'd work in cider, right? the rekorderlig flavours sound amazing though!

        i follow through GFC.
        email: [email protected]
        twitter: melitakiely

        lovely give away Sarah, the winners will have very happy tummies! x

      27. Mmmmm Rekorderlig is yummy, and I haven't seen this one yet to give it a go so I'd love some to drink after I finish my uni exams!

        My fantasy flavour would have to be Rhubarb and Custard! So old school, but so yummy!

        Email: [email protected]
        Twitter: JessiCa_Ca_Ca21

      28. For my dream cider flavour, I think the mango and raspberry already comes pretty close as those are two of my favourite fruits, but white chocolate and raspberry would be the best!
        Email: [email protected]

      29. I would love to try this cider it sounds yummy! I think my dream cider flavour would be Coconut and Passionfruit.

        rubiahn at googlemail dot com

      30. The Strawberry and Lime Rekorderlig is my favourite drink, and the only thing that seems to get me tipsy but not ill the next day! So I am veryyy excited for this new flavour πŸ˜€ I think my dream combo would be peach and cranberry – yum! Enter me please lady πŸ™‚ following you and my email is [email protected]. Also @hellorogue on twitter πŸ™‚ xxx

      31. I love Rekorderlig! Probably one of the only cider brands I like as it gets the flavours just right! I think my ideal flavour would be orange and passionfruit! My email is [email protected] or @mirandasolley on twitter.
        Also, just want to say, I love your blog πŸ™‚ xxx

      32. I love cherry, it's the most amazing flavour in the world! Cherry Cherry Cherry!

        Yep Cherry cider would be amazing.

        I also love cheese but I can't really see cherry cheese cider being a big seller, oh well!

        Gosh I've said/wrote the word 'cherry' so many times that the thing where a word makes no sense anymore has happened and you think you have written it wrong… Cherry… yeah.


      33. Already love rekorderlig πŸ™‚ my dream flavour would be a tropical one, with passion fruit, mango, pineapple, green apple and lime for a little citrus kick πŸ™‚ @ionabb

      34. I am in such a cider mood at the moment because of this lovely weather! Rekorderlig is my fav too – dream flavour would be rhubarb and apple! I've just followed through GFC and twitter name is @rachelemmagood πŸ™‚ what a great giveaway! xx

      35. Sigh, if this has posted multiple times, sorry, but Google has become absolutely disgusting recently.

        That said, I'd really love a cool refreshing lemon and lime cider right about now. Twitter @Bennity

      36. Hmm my dream flavour would be elderflower and apple I think! Classic but slightly different at the same time πŸ™‚


      37. What an awesome giveaway! I love Rekorderlig, perfect with loads of ice on a hot summer's day! I love the idea of chocolate and orange cider I think my perfect cider would be a Dandelion and Burdock cider, I love D&B, reminds me of being a child again! I follow on GFC and am @rosieoutlook on

      38. omg this is like my dream giveaway, yeyyyyyyy for you doing it! I love this flavour! hmmm, I think it would be amazing to try, pineapple and kiwi… could be interesting… or a pink lemonade cider….. crazy
        you know my email and twitter πŸ˜‰ xxxx

      39. Hi, my ideal cider combination would have to be passion fruit, banana, mango and strawberries, as well as lots of ice, chopped fruits and an umbrella/ straw! I know its random but those are all my favorite fruits put into one! Thanks for such a great competition and well done with the blog πŸ™‚ My email is: [email protected] x

      40. I just love Rekorderlig and couldn't believe my taste buds when I discovered it! And now a competition as well?! Wow, what a great idea!

        I wouldn't mind one involving bananas and melon, mmmm…

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