At around this time every year, I browse through Rex London for Christmas stocking fillers and Secret Santa presents. I should be buying things for other people but I couldn’t resist treating myself to a few things. I was given a £30 gift voucher* and I wanted to make that £30 stretch as far as it could. A lot of this is from the sale!
christmas stocking fillers
As a regular customer of Rex London, I knew that I would be able to get a lot for that budget. I know it’s a bit naughty to buy myself presents for no particular reason but no one else is going to make me a Christmas stocking so I got to make my own, guys! And why not! Why the hell not, hey! Let’s just call this a practise run for when I’m shopping for stocking fillers for real…. Here is what I bought:


floral flask
Floral Flask, £4.95 (in the sale)
I am a fan of flasks because I often forget that I’ve made a cup of tea and it is cold by the time I’ve remembered. I’ve started taking my flask in to work because the office is so cold (the air-con is constantly!) and hot drinks go cold after 5 minutes. So I decided to get myself a pretty floral flask. Isn’t it cute?! 

cute picnic accessories
floral picnic containers
Floral Snack Boxes (£5.95), Paper Straws (£2.95), Floral Paper Cups (£1.95)
I bought some picnic-y type items so that when it’s warm enough to go to the park again, I’ll be prepared. I mean, I am really thinking ahead since Winter has only begun, but the containers will be handy all year round and I’ll be able to use these florals paper cups for sharing a hot drink with someone on a Wintery walk in the park. It’s not a festive design but I’d be mega happy to receive items like these in a Christmas stocking!

floral coffee mug
Floral Mug (£1.50) and Local Cafe Mug (£1.00)
We’re on the subject of hot drinks and cups, why not throw in a mug in there too! I can’t stop buying mugs so when they’re as cheap as chips, I’ve got to add it to the basket, haven’t I! The floral one is £2.99 and the ‘Local Cafe’ one was only £1. Bargain.
plastic popcorn holder
Popcorn Holder, £1.95
I am so chuffed with these, they’re so cute! I bought two because you tend to watch a film with friends of family, right? In the Winter, I love nothing more than settling under a fleecy blanket on the sofa, put a film on, and chomp on snacks like popcorn! 

Tea Light Holder, £3.50
I can’t resist a candle or a candle accessory. I have all kinds of mis-matching tea light holders scattered around the house and in my room. I only had the budget to buy one of these but I think I’ll purchase a couple more on my next order on dotcomgiftshop. 
Notebook, £2.95
Nothing beats a handwritten note. I can’t make to-do lists or write notes on my phone because it doesn’t mean anything when I read back on it. I like writing on paper and I find it a much easier way to register my thoughts. So when a website sells pretty stationery like this, there is no way I could resist. Especially since this notebook was only £1.95!
geisha girl
Geisha Girl Paper Craft Kit, 39p
I miss the days when my mum would buy me craft kits like this so I bought this (and the one below) for a trip down memory lane. It was really fun putting this together and I imagine it would keep the kids busy for a while on Christmas day! These are paper trinket boxes, so it would also be great to make them and fill them with something (sweets, jewellery, a cute note, etc) to gift to a young one! 
christmas stocking filler
Grenadier Guard Paper Craft Kit, 39p
I haven’t put this one together yet but this is what the kit looks like in it’s original packaging. It is a really sweet stocking filler, and fun for all ages, I think! It’s not advanced but I really enjoy things like this, I like cutting out and glueing things together!
I bought 12 items for just under £30 and I couldn’t fit it all in to the Christmas stocking in the end! If you’re looking for some really great stocking fillers this Christmas, check out Rex London!
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14 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Cute Stocking Fillers

  1. these all look like such lovely stocking fillers! reminds me that i really need to start thinking about christmas gifts before its too late!

  2. What fun choices. I am nearly afraid to look cause I know I will have to buy two of everything…one for the person the gift is for and one for me.

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