cat sweater
cat sweater
cat sweater

Sweater Brat And Suzie* ▴ Leggings Primark

CATS RULE! HELL, YEAH THEY DO! ……Although, I must say, dogs are pretty darn awesome too!! I’m lounging around in a comfy sweater and tartan leggings today, whilst working through a very boring to-do list. My sweater is from Brat And Suzie, my go-to for when animal themed clothing! Unless they start doing miniature poodle illustrations, I’m always going to go for tshirts and sweaters with cats on them!

Brat And Suzie’s S/S capsule collection consists of sweaters, tshirts, dresses, co-ords and raincoats for you cool festival go-ers. My eye went straight to the pineapple print dress, but as a self-proclaimed cat lady, how could I resist this?! The cat’s wearing a trucker cap, for crying out loud!

On a recent (virtual) visit to the Brat And Suzie website, I noticed the homeware section. I am completely drawn to homeware more than ever so I had to check it out. I hope that this is a range that they will expand in. I remember watching the owners of Brat And Suzie on Dragon’s Den and they were all super impressed with the business, but they invest because they couldn’t see the brand expanding beyond animal themed t-shirts (I think that’s what they said!). So to see new products within the range like raincoats, dresses, coffee mugs, stationery, phone and tablet covers is like pretty awesome (and two fingers up at the Dragons!). I can’t wait to see more homeware products on there!

Be sure to check out all the cuteness at Brat And Suzie, you won’t regret it!

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16 thoughts on “Outfit : Cats Rule!

  1. I LOVE this sweater ever since I saw it on your instagram! The website is fantastic I love how unique all the clothes are. xx

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