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Some of the online shopping I did at the weekend arrived today! I was really surprised because I didn’t expect it until at least mid-week but what better way than to start the week with a new dress and a new pair of shoes! The dress is from Topshop, and I thought the pattern was quite cool. It’s in keeping with the ‘Aztec’ trend but without the vibrant colours! The shoes are awesome too, I have wanted to buy a pair of new heels but due to the fact that I can never walk in them properly, I opted for a sturdy pair of wedged pumps. I am going to exchange them for a size bigger, though. I never know which size to buy from Office, I vary from a size 4 to a 5! I guess I am a 5 this time!

As you can tell, I am wearing coloured contact lenses in the photos above. Vision Direct kindly sent me some to try, and they even chose the colour for me (grey). I was a bit apprehensive about it and when they contacted me, I told them that I’d try them before but I wasn’t very keen. I tried green ones before  – literally for 30 seconds – and I didn’t like them at all because they made me look really STUPID! Like a zombie! However, the grey ones that the team at Vision Direct have chosen for me are really subtle in real life. They seem to have shown up a lot brighter than they are because I used the flash on my camera today! I’m sure some of you are experiencing the same issue at the moment, but I can not get any decent photos without flash because of the dark dull cloud that the country is currently under! Anyway, I can sense that these coloured lenses will be my new obsession and I can’t wait to stock up! I am always keen to try out new things, especially anything that will give me a new look. I would dye my hair a different colour every week if it wasn’t so harmful!

I know not everyone can put things in their eyes – I really struggled the first time I tried contacts – but if you’re ok with putting contacts in, I think it is such a fun way to change your look. It is important to find  a shade to suit your complexion and even hair colour but the guys at Vision Direct are really helpful, and they are experts at this so they will help if you have any queries. Even if you buy a shade close to your natural eye colour, it will still enhance them and give you brighter twinkle in your eyes! The ones I have in today are the Freshlook ONE-DAY coloured lenses which you can get with or without prescription. These are daily disposable lenses. I like wearing glasses so I got them without prescription. For some reason, they are much more comfortable and moisturising than my prescription contacts! I have had them in for about 9 hours now and I haven’t had any problems at all. I am going to be trying the colourmaker lenses soon, which are a monthly disposables, but I need to ask and make sure how to store these because I’ve never had monthlies before.

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56 thoughts on “New dress, new shoes and new eyes…

  1. Your contacts look lovely! I don't think I could ever put them in my eyes, having never worn contacts before, but think they look great anyway! xo

  2. Ohh those shoes are cute! I've recently had laser eye surgery, so in the next couple of months might try out some coloured contacts – I wore normal ones before, so could never experiment! x

  3. If you have monthly lenses the best solution to store them in is the Asda all in one! Seriously I always just plonk mine in without cleaning or handling and the optician is always impressed with how clean they are, I then tried the specsavers one and they got grimey really quickly!

  4. you look so pretty! I love the pattern on the dress and the contacts look amazing. I used to have green ones, but as I don't wear glasses it was always a struggle putting them in, but you've made me want to buy more now! xx

  5. I love this dress, it seems most of the blogging population have it as well but I can never find it in my local Topshop! These contacts look really natural and I like the fact they enhance your eyes rather than make them look really fake. I wear contact lenses but recently I've found them to hurt my eyes more and more so I don't think these are for me but I do think they're a fab idea for temporary eye colours (: xx

  6. Loving everything about this post. Your lenses look awesome, I'm a bit in love with your bag, the dress is beautiful and the shoes are awesome.Oh and did I mention you look beautiful as usual?

  7. Vision Direct sent me some contacts as well – but they chose blue despite the fact that I told them I had brown eyes. It doesnt look good at all for me, but I'm glad it works for you πŸ™‚


  8. Love the dress and the wedges, you look lovely!
    I wear contact lenses, but I've never thought of looking at coloured ones.. I'd be intrigued just to see what I looked like with different coloured eyes! Haha xx

  9. Wonderful outfits! I like most the handbag. It's looking gorgeous!! The shoes are also looking very comfortable to wear with the dress. Thanks! UK Marketing

  10. Love the dress, but really really love the shoes!! I wouldn't mind me a pair of those.

    I think the contact lenses look lovely on you, I wouldn't mind trying some of those out myself, just for curiosity's sake! xx

  11. the colour looks great on you! Coloured lenses are a great way to subtly change your look & love the fact that they're available to everyone with/without prescription – but I do recommend getting a tutorial from an optician before even attempting to put contact lenses in your eyes! (sorry, my work head switched on there) ha love the dress too πŸ™‚ x

  12. I really like the contacts on you! They deepen your eye color without looking too jarring. Makes me want to rethink getting some colored ones myself again. x

  13. Those shoes are gorgeous! The lenses really suit you, they're quite subtle but really pretty πŸ™‚ x

  14. I love them! Your eyes are stunning luv! I am a full time glasses wearer who should really get contacts but I'm a bit freaked out about touching my eyes… :S Would love the freedom from glasses though so I'll just have to go for it one day! x x

  15. Shoes are so cute! I love wedges cause they're so comfortable and gives me height which I desperately need.
    The contacts looks so cool – they look blue on my screen. Makes you look younger πŸ™‚
    I have brown circle lens but I think I might venture into coloured contacts!

  16. Just saw your comment- yay height twins! I always liked to think I was 5ft but when it came to graduation and friends helped measure me for my robes…I was not a happy bunny haha.

    Anyway the coloured lenses look awesome! I got some coloured lenses from Acuvue which is the brand I use normally. I got them in brown when I was in HK too which are very subtle circle lenses. I really like them plus they're such a reputable brand too! I need to check out the Freshlook ones when I eventually run out. Thanks for the heads up!

  17. Not really sure if I managed to leave a comment here or not but lemme try again!

    I love the contacts on you! I remember when I first tried contacts- they were such a nightmare but I've finally mastered them now. I actually bought some coloured contacts by Acuvue when I was in HK (I wish they sold them over here, they're the 'Define range' which are super subtle circle lenses). I'll definitely try the Freshlook range when I run out of mine! They're great for special occasions I think, and really enhances eye make up.

    Also I love that we're height twins! I always thought I was 5ft too until I graduation and I had to be measured for my robes. That was a gutting revelation lol.

  18. i love topshop~~~ and the aztec pattern dress is lovely! loving the shoes and your lip color~~ and the contacts look great too! agreed, i'd be dyeing my hair more often if it wasn't so bad for me, lol

    yea contacts are pretty difficult the first time you put them on! monthly lens aren't bad πŸ˜€ the difference is minimal if any πŸ™‚

    alex @

  19. thanks πŸ™‚ we're glad you like our blog! i love your picture on the left~with the red sunnies btw. so awesome looking πŸ˜€

    cool dress. not surprising that it was from topshop! they really have such lovely items every time i'm just browsing at their store. wish their prices were a bit more on the friendlier side tho for the wallet hahah~

    the grey contacts look really natural on you πŸ˜€ i have a pair (circle lens) myself and i think they compliment us asian eyes well~ keep in touch <33


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