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Dress* Pussycat London / Blouse River Island / Trench Coat Miss Selfridge / Bag* Barratts

After taking the whole week off blogging, I am full of energy to get a whole bunch of content published! As mentioned in my last blog post seven days ago, I was ill with a cold and had spend most of the week resting in bed. Usually when I get a cold, they would last at least a month whilst I get on with life but I basically locked myself indoors for the entire time, making sure I looked after myself and that I got better ASAP. I have got lots of work stuff going at the end of the month and November which I didn’t want to be poorly for. I don’t want anything to make me lose focus. Staying wrapped up for a few days totally worked though, I got rid of that cold in less than a week! I was starting to go a little crazy by Friday, craving the fresh air. Today, I admired the rainbow from my window (photo above) and watched the heavy rain, thunder and lightning last night. Yesterday, I mustered the energy to wash my hair, put on my new dress and went out to run some errands. I had my sister and her husband visiting so I popped out (“I only popped out…”) to buy ingredients for dinner and then stopped by a local organic bakery to get a dessert, a lovely treacle tart. We watched their wedding DVD, and caught up with each other’s lives. 
The dress I’m wearing in the first photo is from Pussycat London, and it caught my eye because of the print. The colour of the fabric goes well with my bag, which is from Barratts! The quality is much better than I thought it would be, and there are so many sections and compartments inside! It is sold out on the website but it might still be available in stores. I’m not so keen on shooting outfit photos indoors because my flat is terribly lit, we have small windows, (shown in the fourth photo) and it’s difficult to get nice photos taken. Anyway, I have to resort to using the flash on my camera. Niki is super busy at work for the next two months so I’ve reunited with my old pals, the camera remote and the tripod! (Ah, it has been a while!) I guess we’re back to how it used to be, the whole focus on the actual clothes and less about a “beautiful backdrop”. I’m sure you ladies are going through the same dilemma of when to shoot outfit/product pics, it sucks we start losing the light from 3pm! I guess we should be used to it by now, but it still always take a few weeks to adjust!
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31 thoughts on “Autumn Outfit: Pussycat London Dress

  1. Such a cute post! I love your coat darling. Hope everything is well over your end! Sending lots of loveeeee <3

    Boonya –

  2. Oh I hope that you can be good now! Please take care of your health!
    You look is so pretty *-* I want something like that for this Fall/Winter season! *-*

    Please take care, get better! Have a nice day!*

  3. This dress is lovely, it looks so nice over the blouse and with your satchel!

    Rubbish weather is going to ruin all my outfit pictures because I don't have any white walls/room. 🙁 Oh well ha! Glad you're feeling better. <3

    Tara xo

  4. Yay you're back. ^^ Miss you already hihi
    I love your outfit! I was just thinking about what to wear tomorrow to uni, I think I will take this as inspiration 😀
    P.S yes the lighting is terrible for shootings T^T

  5. I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better now lovely, good idea to keep wrapped up and recuperate! Sometimes it's just what you need to get back on track. You look wonderful too, despite your illness! I love your dress, it's so pretty. Sounds like a lovely evening spent with your sister, I bet watching the wedding DVD was quite emotional! xxx

  6. A very sweet dress, especially layered over the shirt. And I know exactly what you mean about darkening daylight. It gets to a certain point in the day when I know it'd just be a palaver to take photos and I'd rather not edit them within an inch of their life so a lot of days I just don't bother! By the way, that pink cube candle is beautiful 😮 I don't think I could ever bring myself to light it!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  7. I love the photo of the rainbow <3 and the one with the rain is a perfect representation of how the weather is in england just now. Glad you're feeling better! ..x

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