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Last week, I collaborated with Fiorelli for my first ever Instagram Takeover. Being hugely in to Instagram, I often see these collaborative takeovers between a blogger and a brand pop up quite often. I was excited to be asked by Fiorelli to create content for their IG because a) I love social media campaigns and b) I totally looove handbags! I didn’t have much time but as soon as the bag arrived, I couldn’t wait to get on with it because I already had a lot of content ideas.
I was gifted a Teagan Satchel by Fiorelli in the monochrome snake skin print and as you can see, it’s very much my style, satchels are my bag of choice. I was a bit worried about the print being too “snakey”, it’s not my favourite texture but it’s quite subtle against the white faux leather and you can hardly tell. 
The bag comes with a detachable strap, and there are four compartments on the side plus a concealed pocket on the back. It isn’t one of those bags where you can fit your whole life in to but it stores the essentials and a few extras. My iPad Mini fits in to it perfectly, which surprised me because I didn’t think it would. It’s such a neat little bag which I’m sure will feature in some of my outfit posts soon!
If you’re a fan of handbag, follow Fiorelli on Instagram because it’s that time of year where new season designs are released and you’ll get to see some exclusives (woooo! Spring/Summer accessories!) You can pop over to Fiorelli’s Instagram to see my photos from the Takeover. Here are a few:
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How would you style Fiorelli’s Teagan Satchel?
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16 thoughts on “A Week With Fiorelli

  1. Your instagram content is always so on point! There's just an overall consistent tone to your images.

    I saw a few of the Fiorelli images your shared but I couldn't tell this was a snack skin printed satchel. It looks somewhat a woven texture, which I suppose is great because it's not overwhelming.

    I love those Carvela flats!


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