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How To Style A Summery Smock Dress

Haven’t done an outfit post in absolutely ages, so I thought I’d make it this a good one! I went to the beach at the weekend and initially reached out for denim shorts and a vest top. Like the rest of the nation, I basically wanted to wear as little clothing as possible! 

fashion blogger outfit of the day, fashion blogger summer beach style
However, I can’t wear my Topshop denim shorts without tights because it shows far too much. Put it this way, my underwear are bigger than the shorts themselves (yeah, they are short shorts!). 
I remembered that I had this blue paisley smock dress so I put that on, wore my sandals and away we went! The sandals I wore were these ones from River Island as seen in this post from last year, which have lasted a very long time but the studs have started to fall off!

UK fashion blogger outfit of the day, fashion blogger summer style
nikki lissoni coin pendant necklace

My necklace is from Nikki Lissoni and I’ve noticed that a lot of you are a fan of rose gold jewellery and accessories. This is the first rose gold piece of jewellery I own and needless to say, I instantly fell in love with it. I met the Nikki Lissoni UK team at while back, and they showed me their pendants which are interchangeable.
beehive hair style
As I have mentioned before, I’ve had my hair in a topknot since I got it cut in Easter. Since my sister’s wedding when the stylist put my hair in a lovely beehive, I have wanted to learn to do up-do hairstyles myself. 
I loved the beehive style I got done on my sister’s big day that I didn’t want to un-do at the end of the night! My hair is so thick that when the hair stylist started to backcomb it, the comb actually snapped (oops!)
Anyway, my up-do’s are not as good as the day of my sister’s wedding, but thanks to vloggers and bloggers, I’ve been able to re-create the hairstyle from when I was a bridesmaid! 
I was pretty determined to give it a go because the stylist made it look easy! When I tried hairdo’s before, I used to get frustrated but  I’ve started off doing a simple french twist and here’s the lovely lady who’s tutorial I used.

classic black leather watch
turquoise shell round framed sunglasses

Very exciting news came through a few weeks ago. I’m going to Germany at the end of the week, to visit Stylight.
I’m sure I’ll tell you all about it next week but all I can say now is how nervous I am. I have never travelled to another country on my own before and I’m flying from Manchester which it about 3 hours drive away. Instead of driving, I will be getting the train to the airport.
I’m excited but I am extremely nervous.However, this was an opportunity I couldn’t say no to! Everything always turns out good in the end, I’m sure I’ll have a fantastic time. 
I just have to stop letting my imagination and travel anxiety get the best of me!

beach souvenir
saltburn knitted toys
saltburn knitted toys

Outfit Details:
Dress: Choies
Necklace*: Nikki Lissoni
Bag: Mulberry
Watch: Tesco
Sunglasses: ASOS
Belt: Primark

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71 thoughts on “Let’s go to the beach, each! Let’s go get away…

  1. I love your dress! It's so pretty. Any time I say, "let's go to the beach," I get that song in my head lol. I swear I've been wearing my hair in a bun all summer, too. It's too humid, so I hardly ever wear it down.

    Good luck with your travels! I went from the US to London by myself with a bunch of connector flights and airports when I was 18 and I made it! Don't be nervous 🙂

    Life of Mabel

  2. I love everything about this outfit! Your hair looks lovely- really chic. And the smock/dress is cute and perfect for this weather

  3. Your dress is so beautiful- you look amazing! Try not to fret too much about your journey- I used to find that sort of thing incredibly stressful, but doing it a few times got me used to it. If all else fails, just ask someone at the station/ airport where you need to go. Good luck, and have a lovely lovely time! xx

  4. You look amazing in this dress! Such a pretty dress and I love the print. I have such thick hair too, and I might try and change it up with a beehive too 🙂 have an amazing time in Germany! Have a safe flight just bring lots of books and music and the travelling will go by so quickly! xxx

  5. I am simply in love with this look! and I know what you mean about the whole tights pants thing!! but this dress is simply stunning on you. Looks like you had a fabulous time. I am obsessed with the beach! Have an amazing time in Germany! xxx Rebecca

  6. Oh you look gorgeous! A way more sophisticated beach look, I love it. How exciting about Germany! I hate flying too but I use my rescue rememdy and think of the destination 🙂 Good luck, you'll have an amazing time

  7. Good luck with your trip to Germany lovely, I hope you have a fab time – it all sounds very exciting! I'm sure once you're sat on the plane you'll be fine 🙂 what are those little knitted people and palm tree? They're adorable! You look beautiful Sarah, well done on the updo you did a really good job – I'm useless at hair but I'm going to watch the video and see if it looks feasible haha 🙂 xx

  8. Wow, you are so lucky, a trip to Germany!! I'm so happy I discovered your blog today, it has such an amazing layout and your pictures have an amazing quality, not to mention your flawless style! I love the dress and your necklace, so cute!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

  9. Oooh bet you caught some sun in the weekend, it was lush! 🙂

    I'm trying to do more updos lately as I'm stuck in a rut with the top knot, I like the look of Victory rolls. I tried it a couple of times and it's getting easier, perfect for short-ish hair. You may want to give that a go.

    Hope you have a blast in Germany!


  10. Aww good luck with your travels and can't wait to hear all about it! Germany is an amazing country!
    I really love your hair here! That's the first thing I noticed in the first photo. It looks so good! Whenever I try to do an updo I like a bit of volume at the crown but I can never get it to stay up like yours there. Well I can but only endless hours of blowdrying, products and backcombing 🙁
    My arms also get tired easily when trying to put my hair up! xx

  11. Hi~ Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog!I use to love BB creams as well (I had quite a few.. haha) but I think I might be liking CC creams more..!

    Anyway, your outfit looks AMAZING. You are just so elegant and classy!The shades are to die for.


  12. You look lovely there, perfect for the beach! Very excited for you about Germany, good luck and looking forward to hearing about it.

  13. This bouffant looks amazing on you. When I wear one I always want to wear it for multiple days, so I definitely understand. This whole outfit is so gorgeous on you. Your blue dress is super flattering.

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