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Top* Chicwish (not in stock) / Leggings American Apparel (similar here) / Bag* Lacambra / Shoes* Public Desire
Wearing this white top against a white wall, I’m in danger of looking like a floating head here! This has been my favourite outfit to wear lately, I love white tops but they are a pain to photograph. When a few things from Chicwish arrived through the post, this top was my least favourite. I remember picking it out on the website but I forgot how oversized it is and it looked a lot baggier in person but as soon as I tried it on, I just loved how it looked. “Oversized” was soon replaced the word “comfortable” and it’s got a really subtle dipped hem so it covers my butt and I don’t have to worry about a VPL – I firmly approve! It’s got big sleeves and the fabric is lightweight. It’s a bit see-through but it’s the nice kind of sheer (hopefully not too tacky). There’s going to be a lot of ways to wear the top too, perhaps tucked in to a skirt teamed with a pair of ballet flats, or with skinny jeans, fedora and boots but I’ll have to wait until the weather gets a bit cooler before I start wearing hats again. The weather isn’t look too pretty at the moment so maybe that day will come sooner than I think (typical British summer…. it sucks!) But until then, my hair is going to be up in plaits or a top knot whilst it’s still warm and sticky.
There was a time when I would absolutely stay away from shoes that had a strap around the ankles, let alone two straps but I find myself so drawn to them these days. I’ve been trying to track down a pair of plain black ones with a lower heel and in my size but no luck yet. I like these black heeled sandals from Public Desire, they are really lovely and I am tempted to get this pair with the single strap but that would just be greedy of me! I actually need to clear out my wardrobe and shoe rack before I even dare to think of buying more stuff. I’ve got some things to list on eBay and I’ve got a huge bag of things to drop off at the charity shop next week. I don’t actually buy a lot (well, not since January, anyway! I’ve been very good this year!) but I have somehow accumulated so many things, a lot of which I don’t wear anymore. I might be moving houses soon too so I’m kind of mentally preparing myself for that!
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27 thoughts on “Just Another Monochrome Outfit

  1. I love this type of top. Oversized, dipped hem, pretty fabric and a neutral colour. Versatile too, it can be dressed up or down and perfect for holidays too.

  2. This is such a beautiful top – so perfect for summer. You're right – just the perfect kind of sheer (and definitely not tacky!) Love the combination of the white with the gorgeous gold detailing on the heels πŸ™‚ Stunning as always!

    Lauren xx

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