Primark Spring 2015
Here are some of my top picks from Primark’s Spring collection. It’s still early days and I’m sure they’ll be adding hundreds of more designs as the months go on, but from what I can see so far, you’ve got the usual pastels and fun holiday-wear (how cute are those yellow denim shorts with the smiley face on!)
One trend that I’m happy for it’s return is the fruit trend, it is well and truly back for another season! (Hurrah for all things pineapple!) Picking up from where it left off last Summer, there are some really quirky novelty bags in the Spring range. I’m still not sure how practical they are but if I’m going to try out the quirky novelty bag trend, then I’m going to start at Primark first! And that pineapple bag for £6 looks pretty perfect for me!
I also picked out the denim dress (£12) and pink shorts (£12) because I like the denim and lace used together, I like the contrast between the rough and delicate when it’s done well. And maybe this year will be the year I buy my very first pair of Primark shoes! I’ve got my eye on a few pairs!
What do you think of the Primark items I’ve picked? Which one is your favourite?
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23 thoughts on “High Street Fashion: Primark Spring 2015

  1. The little blue/grey bag looks like the perfect replacement for one I bought from them a few months ago that broke recently. I was heartbroken! I love the value and range of Primark bags… they can hardly be topped when it comes to that. CC x

  2. I love the recurring scallop theme! I reminds me of a pair of shorts I saw last year at Primark, in an adorable baby blue colour, but I decided not to get it. I still regret that 🙁 I'm completely in love with the bag. Such a lovely blue colour, and I also really like the design of it!

  3. I'm obsessed with novelty bags, but I have yet to own one myself because I'm wondering about practicality. I feel like I'd use this bag on an outing, and when I go on outings I usually like to bring my camera along with me, and most novelty bags I see don't seem like they can comfortably fit my camera along with the other small things I usually carry around. Anyways, I'm also loving the headband and tan(ish) heels you picked out 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

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