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After being on a spending ban since Christmas, I’m itching to go shopping! Apart from rent, bills and grocery shopping, I’ve not treated myself to anything nice for months! I’ve had my eye on the grey gingham dress since the first day it got added to the Topshop site but I’ve not been in the shop to try it on (and being on a spending ban, I’ve avoided any retail websites unless it’s for work purposes – I’ve resisted until now! How good am I!) It’s lightweight, got three quarter length sleeves and the gingham pattern isn’t too strong. To me, it’s the perfect dress for Spring. It looks so floaty and dreamy! The only thing that’s stopping me buy this is that the material looks delicate. I’ve owned a few items in this fabric and they’ve all ripped across the shoulder where my bag strap rest on. I’ve also checked out the reviews, there’s not many – only 4 so far – and a couple of them have pointed out that the slip dress is poor quality. But hopefully, it will be available in my size the next time I go shopping so that I can try it on and check it out for myself. 
At this time of year, I probably should be looking for sandals or something! I’ve only got one pair of sandals and they are slowly fading away! Quite literally! The colour of the brown leather has faded loads, it looks so tatty, but I’m just not seeing any nice sandals to replace them yet so I’ll wait a couple more months when all the new Summer stock comes out. What I’ve got my eye on is that pair of Chelsea Boots in tan from River Island. There’s just the right amount of “cut out” on these, and I really like the buckles on them. 
Why am I so drawn to blue coloured clothing? 80% of the content in my wardrobe at the moment are blue! Blue and polka dots makes this my dream top! I love shirts and blouses, even more so than dresses these days! Polka dot dresses can make me look really young but I can picture this top with my black skinny jeans and I think it’s a top that can be dressed up (blazer and a pair of heels) or dressed down (leather jacket and converse trainers). 
The rest of the other bits on this wishlist are accessories. The Olivia Burton watch really is a wish list item, in that I wish-I-buy-it-but-I-don’t-think-I-could-afford-it (right now). I don’t really like to wear expensive watches because I hate them getting bashed and scratched. Olivia Burton watches are really pretty, I’m always swooning over them on the asos website!
What are you coveting this month? And what have you bought recently? I need some inspiration, so if you’ve created a wishlist recently, leave your link in the comments below!  I’ve been on a shopping ban for almost three months – I need a bit of help in the right direction!
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25 thoughts on “March Wishlist

  1. i love the dress, it is so pretty! i'm on a spending ban as well, trying to save up for my trip to new york! xxx

  2. What a cute wish list!!!:) I ADORE that Olivia Burton watch and i agree, hate buying expensive watches as i always bash them into things and when i get a scratch on the watch then i get so gutted….although i did buy a Michael Kors rose gold watch during a road trip to the states for some outlet shopping, it was the best purchase ever! Everyone was complimenting on it. I say if you eye an expensive-ish watch and you still love it after a year then get it!!!=D

    I'm also looking for sandels as spring has arrived but for some reason i haven't eyed anything that i like!!! So i'm sticking to my one pair only sandals, which is like your case, also slowly falling apart, lol

    I reckon a floral dress or pants is defo on my spring wish list right now!


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