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You’d be forgiven for thinking that supermarket fashion are mumsy and dowdy, but they’ve upped the ante on so much in the past couple of years and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Slick advertising campaigns and on-trend collections put these budget brands right on top of their game. Regular readers will have already spotted that since I’ve been working with a couple of these brands, I have a new-found love for what they do and what they’ve got to offer. Granted, I’m not their typical target market but I’m not going to sit back and miss out on these bargains when all I have to do is put a bit of effort to hunt for the right things to suit me but that’s part of the fun! Shopping is a bit like a treasure hunt and it feels so satisfying when you’ve found some gems! I’ve put together my favourite items from George At ASDA Spring/Summer collection, all of these are to my taste and could be mistaken for Topshop or ASOS, but instead of paying the usual 30-odd pounds for a pair of shirt or a floral shirt, George At ASDA prices are of course more purse-friendly! I reckon that all of these items could be mixed and matched for day wear and evening wear, making them very versatile. The best bit is that all 10 items from the wishlist comes to the total of £87.00! That’s TEN items…For £87.00! Amazing! Hop on board the supermarket clothing brand train!
I’ve been really impressed with supermarket clothing brands over the past twelve months. Before that, I never really took notice because my (then) local supermarket didn’t have wide range of things available and the clothes they did stock was very basic. Now I live next door to a huge supermarket branch, and I’m always popping in there to check out the clothes and homeware section – it’s very well placed as it’s the first part of the shop that you see once you walk in. I’m there at least three times a week, once for my food shop and the other times to curb my cravings for junk food, or general browsing! It’s far too handy to have a supermarket right next to where you live, especially when you have a craving for snacks and ice cream in the middle of the night, my bank statement tells me it’s just far too easy. It’s like the world’s best corner shop! No matter what I go in there for, each time I’ll snoop around the fashion and home section without fail! I enjoy it because I actually think it’s calming as well, it’s the less chaotic part of the supermarket – the railings are always tidy, there’s lots of space to move around and there are none of those horrible bright lights that shine on the top of your head to make you feel hot and sweaty!
What are your views on supermarket clothing brands? Are you as impressed as I am?
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12 thoughts on “Affordable Fashion: 10 Spring Fashion Items For Under £100

  1. Is that bag nice in terms of quality? Because it has the exact form and size that I'm looking for something like that *__* Here people are asking me like 30 to 35£ (more or less 40 to 45 €) for a bag T__T
    Take care, have a nice day!*

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