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Current Favourites: Top 5 Red Nail Polish

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nails inc. (The Hurlingham) ∙ Essie (Fifth Avenue) ∙ JN Beauty* ∙ Rimmel London (Red Carpet) ∙ Ciate* (Red Hot Chilli)

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A girl can never have too many red nail polishes, it’s easy to get carried away throughout the years!
I’ve currently got 15 red shades in my collection at the moment. The reason why I’ve got so many red nail polish is the colour I wear the most and I’m always looking for the perfect shade and perfect formula! 
Whenever I want to treat myself to a new nail polish, especially if it’s a pricy one from the posh counters (YSL, Chanel, etc) I’ll often pick red because I can justify the purchase by using it time and time again. Forever playing it safe, I am! 
I’ve narrowed it down to my current favourite top 5 red nail polishes based on quality, price and durability, and in the meantime saving you some money on your constant search for the perfect red. 
best red shade nail polish
‣ Nails inc. The Hurlington
This one is a tomato red and is very vibrant and bright. Nails inc. is one of those brands that I consider a “treat” because at £11 per bottle, it isn’t cheap but this one is worth every penny, the formula is spot on. It’s ultra glossy and pigmented, and lasts up to 7 days without chipping. If I haven’t got time, I’ll apply the one coat but for longer lasting wear, I like to apply two coats of this. 
‣ Essie Fifth Avenue
Fifth Avenue is my favourite red from Essie, the second being Meet Me At Sunset which is more of an orange. There’s a lot of love for Essie polishes, and they have a huge range of colours, Essie has got it all covered at almost 300 shades – which can be overwhelming. I love the flat, thick brushes which makes it so easy to apply and control. What I find with some Essie polishes is that it can peel on the edges, usually when your hands have been in warm water for a long amount of time (eg. washing the dishes or bubble bath). The polish itself is beautiful.
‣ JN Beauty
I’ve only recently heard of this brand. With a blue undertone, it’s a cooler, darker shade compared to the other four. It’s quite a mature red, but classic all the same. I do tend to go for orange tones but it’s nice to have a few options! I didn’t know what to expect from this when it first arrived and I don’t know which commercial brand to compare this to (maybe Models Own) but it cost £6 per bottle and the quality is pretty good from the pigment and coverage. It’s not streaky, but it definitely requires two coats. The colour is long wearing and really glossy too. The brush is good quality and the polish dries really fast. It’s not as good as nails inc., but I’m really impressed with it as it’s pretty much the perfect polish for £6.00, I can’t fault it!
‣ Rimmel London 
I’ve had a look around for this just now, and have only just realised that it might be discontinued. I best cherished this, then! I love good ol’ Rimmel but sometimes their products aren’t as pigmented or long-wearing enough for me. I’m not a fan of any of their powder products such as eye shadows or blushers (I like both of these really really pigmented) but their range of nail polishes are awesome. They’re decent enough for a quick beauty fix and who can resist the 3-for-2 offers! Budget at it’s best! I bought this bottle (Red Carpet) whilst I was browsing for a coral polish to go with my bridesmaid dress last Summer. For added glamour, Red Carpet has a gorgeous metallic-like shine to it. Great for the winter season (and PERFECT for when Christmas comes round again – argh, I said the C word in March!)
ciate red hot chilli nail polish
‣ Ciate
This is my favourite out of the five! I got it from February’s Glossybox but I have four other Ciate red’s in my drawer. Red Hot Chilli is an orange toned red, it’s very shiny and the packaging is so dreamy. It’s pretty, different and stands out which makes me love it even more. Like Nails inc., Ciate is a splurge but you can sometimes find it discounted at TK Maxx (I’m always on the look out for a bargain! 
What I’ve found with Ciate is that the formulas of their polishes aren’t very consistent. The pastel, lighter colours are creamy which can be hard work to apply as it can streak but the glossy finishes (like this red) applies very easily and has great coverage. It can be hit and miss, but Red Hot Chilli is definitely a hit!
What’s your all time favourite red? Let me know which brand you’re loving lately!
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7 thoughts on “Current Favourites: Top 5 Red Nail Polish

  1. I usually don't use/wear red nail polish, but that one from Essie looks really amazing and Super pretty!!

    Take care, have a nice day!*

  2. Lovely post! I defo agree, we can never have enough nail polishes, hehehe…i have a lot of red, pink, and hot pink nail polishes…dont have a particular brand i like as i love trying out all brands, lol…but OPI and Essie are one of my top choices:D

    I've heard of the brand Ciate but i've not tried it yet….


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