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Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a candle addict. I stalk Yankee Candle and wait at the edge of my seat for new products. Ok, maybe not the last bit – but I am obsessed with candles and I do love Yankee! For Spring and Easter, Yankee launch limited edition candles, which I missed out on but this year, I checked the website out way ahead of time and noticed a couple of Eater-related scents. Whilst I was at it, I picked out a few other Spring/Summer candles and put them in to a wish list style image. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for their Summer range, so this won’t be the last you’ll hear of them on this blog! I thought one of these would make a lovely Mother’s Day Gift (30th March)
candles for spring, mothers day gift guide
Large jars RRP £19.99. All available from Yankee Candle
1. Raspberry Sorbet / 2. Lovely Kiku / 3. Bahama Breeze / 4. Under The Palms / 6. Pink Hibiscus / 7. White Chocolate Bunnies / 7. Bunny Cake / 8. Beach Flowers / 9. Summer Scoop / 10. Bunny Tealight Holder
The Easter editions are definitely limited edition but I’m not sure about the other ones, and some of them are currently out of stock on the website but they will be returning. They will also be available from your nearest stockist too. The Bahama Breeze has been around for a while, as it is a firm favourite of mine for ages because it has that typical “summer holiday” smell – I just love it. All the candles come in three different jar sizes and then they also come in tea light, votives and wax tarts. The strongest scent pay off comes from the medium and large candles, which burns for ages. If you don’t like candles to have a strong scent, the votives are a great option. Sometimes, I don’t like it to be too strong because for me, the sugary fragrances make me nauseous and induces a headache, a bit like the feeling you get when you’ve been reading in the car for ages! The smaller candles give just the right amount of the smell without it being too sickly. 
I don’t know if any of you ladies are the same, but I like to have a certain smell in a certain room – which is probably why I’ve got so many candles. I like the lounge and kitchen to smell fresh and fruity, which is a pretty universal smell which everyone is used to, it doesn’t offend visitors too much. For my room, I prefer sweeter smells so I’ve currently got my eye on Summer Scoop. To help me decide on which one to go for, I sometimes pick the colour that goes with the decor. There are so many to choose from! I also got rather excited to discover the Bunny Tealight Holder, which is only £5.99 from the Yankee website, it is adorable! 
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25 thoughts on “The Best Yankee Candles This Spring 2014

  1. Ohhh candles <3
    I really love candles as well. Specially during the fall and winter times, but I'm also appreciating them during the spring and summer (just like tea)

    Anyway, take care, have a nice day!*

  2. Uh oh, this is a rather dangerous post for me to read. I have a huge Yankee Candle collection already so I don't really need anymore but…

  3. I am all for yc. But black cherry was a disappointment. Not strong enough. Anyway right now it's under the palms and this one I love.I also bought bahama breeze and beach flowers but have to test those yet. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  4. I am also a yankee candle addict, I haven't even used up all my xmas ones yet ooops!
    I love the look of these new easter ones though, and i absolutely love the bunny tea light burner too.
    I think I need to buy at one spring scent because its nearly spring after all.
    Dragon fruit and cherry are faves of mine too ♥

    x x x x

  5. I love that you match your candles to your decor! The sickle candle smells also make me feel a little sick, the fresh summery ones are definitley my favourite! I really like the sound of under the palms xx

  6. haha You actually made me buy my first Yankee Candles 😀
    Bunny Cake looks so cute, I mean…it's a BUNNY! And it's in light pink, my favorite shade, so I bet it smells great too hihi Hope they'll come out in Germany as well

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