I have had these pics saved in drafts for weeks. Months, in fact. Since May, to be exact. ? 
I kept shifting this blogpost up and down on my to-do list and each week, I tried to make a top priority, but as the weeks came and gone, it was still drifting around on the list. It’s going to feel soooo good to be able to finally tick this one off!

molton brown pink pepperpod home fragrance

Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Home Fragrance

Truth be told, I’ve always associated Molton Brown’s Pink Pepperpod scent as something I’d use in Autumn/Winter. It has been put to one side while Summer does it’s thing and I’ve restrained from using this LOVELY selection of home fragrance until now.

molton brown pink pepperpod home fragrance
Molton Brown’s Home Fragrance packaging is so on point. I spotted it a couple of months ago at House Of Fraser and it was extremely satisfying to see the different coloured boxes placed neatly next to each other on a spotlessly clean glass shelf. It’s the little things!
As you can tell from the punchy pink packaging, the three home fragrance I’ve been trying out are all from the Pink Pepperpod scented collection, an absolute favourite amongst fans of Molton Brown.
Pink Pepperpod has fiery notes of pink pepper, and a spicy-sweet heart of nutmeg, ginger, and patchouli – so you can see why I’ve saved it to use for this time of year.
molton brown pink pepperpod home and linen spray

Home & Linen Mist*, £24

This is a new addition to the world of Molton Brown – or at least it was when I first got it in May! If you haven’t time for candles or if you want an instant and more effective way of livening up your room, linen sprays are the one. I’ve been spraying this generously around the lounge so that it smells like a Molton Brown shop! Quick and easy to use!
molton brown pink pepperpod reed diffuser

Aroma Reed Diffuser*, £39

This is a very luxurious reed diffuser, I have to admit! With the added note of tangerine on top of pink pepper and patchouli, this Pink Pepperpod reed diffuser overs a more lasting, intense and consistent scent throughout the room, as opposed to a candle or a room spray that will disperse and eventually disappear within hours. 
I do think that it’s quite a strong smelling product, as reed diffusers tend to be, but I have a very sensitive nose, so you’ve really got to like a certain fragrance that complements your home (and won’t offend the nostrils!). I alternate the placing off this reed diffuser between the lounge and the hallway. You can control the intensity by adding or removing the wooden sticks.
molton brown pink pepperpod scented candle

Scented Candle*, £36

I know that I often say that I don’t burn candles as often even though I have a mahhoosive box full of them, but as the night draws in and the days become darker, I really have to start making use of them. 
I’ve been living alone this year and spending the long, dark evenings isn’t something I’m really NOT looking forward to. So I’ve definitely got to find ways to make things cosy, and candles are the first thing that comes to mind!
This is my 3rd Molton Brown candle, I really like them. I personally think that it’s the right amount of scent. I tend to burn candles for about 3 or 4 hours at a time, so if it’s an overpowering scent pay-off, it can end up making me feel nauseas or induce a headache. 
If you were looking for something with a stronger scent, I’d go for the reed diffuser. But obviously, a candle is going to provide you the cosy ambiance that a reed diffuser can not.
You can find the full range of home fragrance at Molton Brown boutiques and stockists, and also online.
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