My blog recommendations for this week’s #FollowFriday are fashion related with a good dose of lifestyle content in there too!
What shines through is that these three lovely ladies has their way of having a good balance of style and lifestyle posts, and they do it so well! They remind me of the good old days of blogging, so when I read their blog, it reminds me of the raw authenticity I know blogging can be again. There’s something really special about these three:
Cat from Take Courage Blog
uk fashion and lifestyle blogger, london lifestyle blogger
Cat’s blog is stunning from her writing to her photography. It’s a really inspiring and gorgeous blog that I like to revisit to again and again. Her photography resembles those from a magazine, but it’s all still very relatable. Sometimes when blogs look too much like a magazine, as much as I appreciate all the effort that goes in to it, I just can’t connect with it. Take Courage is unique in that it still has that distinctive blog vibe, and that’s why I love it. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it just has that wonderful modest old-style blogging from ‘back in the day’. Cat actually hasn’t blogged in a month and her last post really broke my heart, but we all need a break from blogging sometimes to clear our heads and put life in to perspective. Her blog posts are like precious gems, she pours 100% effort in to each one and I, for one, will be excited to see an new post from her pop up in my dashboard. Take a look at her archive of content, you are going to want to delve right in!
Rebecca from It’s Cohen Blog
uk fashion blogger, british style blogger
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rebecca for the day in London last year and she is just 100% LOVELY! I’ve actually been following her blog for about 3 years, maybe a little longer, and it was nice to be able to hang out with her even if it was brief. Rebecca mixes her outfit posts with photos of her surroundings like she has done here. It immerses you in to her day which keeps the post interesting. One of the first things I said to her in person (and in several comments I’ve left on her blog) was how much I adore her photos. Nowadays, everyone wants their photos pin sharp with a shallow depth of field, but it was actually her lo-fi photography that captured my attention. It makes me want to start using film cameras again. Photos like this reminds me of my childhood, and with the use of Instagram, we’re ALL trying to create this effect. 
Katy from Little Winter
little winter, uk fashion and lifestyle blog
Katy’s blog never fails to make me smile. From what she wore, to what she saw – it’s another blog that has a fantastic variety of content so it’s always interesting to come back to. Katy and I have a similar sense of style so I like her outfit posts lots and lots, but my favourite posts from her are interior related, she has the most beautifully decorated house and got the best taste in homeware! I also LOVE her updates on her wee little cat too, you can’t go wrong with the odd pet post! oh, and another thing you simply must to do is check out her Instagram, it’s sooo dreamy!!
Who’s blogs have you been loving? And who are your favourite bloggers of all time? 
I will be doing another Follow Friday post next week so hope you will come back for that! x
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Image Credit: These photos do not belong to me. Each photos is an original image taken by each the blogger.
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7 thoughts on “Follow Friday #2 | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog Recommendations

  1. Another fabulous selection, Sarah – I can't wait to give these gals a read! I have so many favourite blogs, I can't even begin to choose… my reading list is at well over 200 and counting 🙂

  2. Thank you so so very much for featuring me Sarah – honestly this means so much to be put alongside Miss Cohen and Cat! You are the loveliest lady about. And if ever you want five minutes with the cat.. you're welcome. Swap for a day? x

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