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This is one of my favourite dresses ever! I know so many other girls who have it too, it’s one of those dresses where I just had to have it! it was quite pricy for a high street dress, but you know what Topshop are like! I’ve made sure that I’ve worn it a lot to justify the cost. The front bodice of the dress is layered with tiers of pretty broderie anglaise lace and the back is v-shaped with a heavy exposed zip which I think is quite a nice contrast.

Recently, I have developed a love-hate relationship with Topshop because it is becoming out of my price range. I don’t mind paying extra if the quality is good… but sometimes the quality is just not there with Topshop garments and I find it hard to part with my money! However, I do find it so reliable in terms of fit and length for short petite girls like myself (under 5ft3) and I admit that it is the first shop I go to when I want to buy new clothes just for the sake of knowing that I’ll be able to quickly find something in there that fits me properly. (“Liiiike a glove” as Ace Ventura would say)

Talking of Topshop! I have written my 3rd article for Modern Girl’s Guide, and it’s about S/S Trend Under The Sea. You can click here or the image below if you’d like to check it out. I struggle to come up with blog posts for MGG last month but I think I’m going to stick to writing what I know best; fashion!

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91 thoughts on “Broderie Lace TopShop Dress

  1. ohh loveee this dress. Stunning! Can imagine its the type of dress you can wear to all occassions, perfect buy. Love the glasses to 馃檪 x

  2. I have that dress and haven't worn it yet..eep, still with price tags and everything! Is yours a petite version? Mine feels really long on me :S xx

  3. You look so cute!! It really is a lovely dress and well-worth having (I always love anything with lace). But I do know what I mean about the TopShop's quality vs prices.. it's such a great store in terms of finding cute things, but I often find the prices to be on the steeper side and that can really be a turn-off, especially since it doesn't always reflect the quality. x

  4. I'm the same with Topshop… because of the prices it is now probably the last shop I buy from. I love a browse,, but an item has to be pretty darn special for me to want to pay for it in there!

    This really suits you though 馃檪

    Dayner x my blog –

  5. I know what you mean about Topshop, I remember when it was as cheap as New Look 馃檨 (showing my age there) but your right about how the clothes are really good for us petite girls. I love Topshop for their jeans which I think are usually reasonably priced at around 拢40.00 but some of there dresses and tops are overpriced.

    I actually really like the visible zip detail, the dress is so perfect 馃檪 you look lovely.

    Josephine xx

  6. I adore anything with lace on it, and this dress is no exception. It looks so romantic and cute! And I like the combination of dark nails with a white dress. I'll check out your other post asap!
    Have a good day lovely!

  7. the dress is just beautiful Sarah and I love the pictures of you back turned.

    Know what you mean about Topshop, I begrudge some of their prices when the fabrics are often low grade and the quality of the whole garment is a bit suspect. But they are good for jeans for me and I seem to have gone down a dress size according to their sizing, so it makes me happy.

  8. Stunning outfit as usual, I love that you toughened it up a little with your jewellery and dark nails 馃檪 I really agree with you on Topshop, I love that they have the length that suits shorties like me but sometimes I feel like I'm paying a Topshop price for something that I could find in Primark for much less.


  9. I adore this dress! I talked myself out of buying it when it was in store and now I really regret it! I agree about Topshop's prices though- they are getting silly!

  10. I didn't know you were petite either! Just like me haha. I think you look pretty and ethereal in this dressed. Paired with black nails, no less. An interesting choice. x

  11. Such a pretty dress, you look lovely! I have a love/hate relationship with white/cream clothing, I love it but my makeup/tan/clumsiness hates it!

    joanne from

  12. that dress really is beautiful. i love the contrast of your dark nails against it too 馃檪
    i feel the same about topshop, their Leigh jeans are the only ones that fit me properly and i love their make up, but everything else is just so over-priced! even if they have a bazillion fashion shows and loads of celebrities wear their clothes, i feel like topshop needs to remember it is still just a high street store! argh. x

  13. I've never been a big fan of white dresses but this has definitely changed my mind, it's lovely!! Also I like your picks for Modern Girls' Guide 馃檪 x

  14. I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! Your style is just impeccable and your blog is simply the epitome of perfection! I am your newest, most avid follower, I look forward to reading your future posts. I would love it if you could perhaps follow me back too?

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  15. This is lovely, I wish I wasn't as clumsy as I am – I can't seem to wear white without spilling something on it!
    I also agree about Topshop, sometimes you get what you pay for, and I am guaranteed to find something I love every time I go in, but on other occasions you can find something just as good in Primark or New Look…

    Please follow my new blog:

  16. This dress is just too pretty for words! I love the broderie anglaise detail on the front, and v-cut back is just dreamy, too 馃檪 And I know exactly what you mean about TopShop. They just opened in Canada and I nearly died when I saw the price point. I mean, it's TopShop! But they make such perfect sizes for us petite girls, it's hard to resist the appeal of a good fit, even if the quality isn't always there.

  17. It's so delicate and pretty. I agree with you about Topshop and I think some other high st stores are going the same way. 拢45 seems to be the standard price for a dress these days, that's more than I spend on petrol for the month!!

  18. That dress is so gorgeous Sarah! Perfect for the Summer! I agree with Topshop, as much as I love it I can't really justify the prices anymore, some things are just far too overpriced!

  19. You look so gorgeous! I am in love with that dress as well. I agree that Topshop is a bit pricey. I still haven't bought anything from there yet. I guess I have never owned anything from there so I don't know anything about the quality, but that dress is totally worth whatever price you paid.

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