14 thoughts on “Photos from The Lake District

  1. Awhh these pictures are so lovely, great dress! I have been a hermit so far this year too because of uni work, I guess I sort of know how you feel?! Edinburgh is a lovely city for a visit, I am intrigued by the northern parts of the country. And of course Cornwall! R x

  2. These pictures are lovely.
    I'm the same, never go anywhere anymore, I always moan that I can't afford to go anywhere nice. I live in Wales which is such a pretty country and I haven't seen the majority of it so I plan to see more of my country over the next couple of years.

  3. Beautiful photos sweetie 🙂 Wont be able to get my lucky dip bag with my discount code, mew mew, will have to wait for my loan and my card keeps declining and some refunds haven't processed! x

  4. These pictures are SO cute! I rarely go anywhere with my family in the UK anymore. I guess we sort of grew out of it, we used to go on lots of day trips at the weekend when I was younger but I think these days my parents are much busier than back then. Still, holidays now mean month long holidays in Hong Kong which is something I definitely don't complain about! I've never been to the lakes though, it looks like it was such a lovely day out!

  5. Aww loving your outfit, your photos have put me in the Summer mood! ^_^ the sun beams over the past few days has helped too hehe I've never been to the Lake District, I feel like I'm missing out!! xx

  6. aww these pictures are so lovely, i live right near the lake district and always take for granted just how beautiful it is. i love your dress too! x

  7. Looks like my kind of day! You looked gorgeous, fabulous pictures… Seems like when you do get out you have a ball <3

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