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Spring has sprung and I am in a pretty lace dress with
full hope that the warmer weather is here to stay…. For at least the week! A
week of warm weather isn’t too much to ask for, right?! I actually took these photos at the beginning of March when it was gloriously sunny but after three weeks of ice and snow, I waited until it was weather appropriate to blog about this. Feels like we have been waiting forever for a bit of Sun! This cream lace dress from Chi Chi clothing has a lovely lace collar which comes with a lot of pearl and diamante
embellishment. On that particular day, it was warm enough to wear it without tights and some ballet flats but I shall not get so carried away and I will keep my pale bare legs covered up from now until it’s actually Summer! I kept some of the decorative detail on the collar, but as I don’t think
the sparkles are my style, I took them most of them off. I can’t wait to wear
this more often, it makes a gorgeous day time dress.
My sunnies are from TopShop, ages ago and I suppose the heart
shaped style is soooo 5 years ago! They were so popular at the time, and I
wanted a pair in red but they were sold out in all Topshop stores. It looks like they’re back again though, this pair of polka dot heartshaped sunglasses is very cute! Then Primark
started to stock them and I think everyone got a bit bored of them by then! I
still love them though. I hardly wear them but they are my go-to sunnies for
when I’m on holiday. I have a couple of classic (and normal) looking Ray Ban
Wayfarers from Pretavoir which I love just as much. Truth be told, I like wearing them so I don’t
have to bother with my eye make up as much. Eye make up takes the longest to
apply and when the weather is warm and hayfever kicks in, and being the lazy bones I am at times, I just can’t be

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43 thoughts on “Cream Lace Dress

  1. Your dress is gorgeous! Was it really that warm where you are!? I haven't been tightless since last August, seriously. I look ridiculous in all forms of sunglasses- so I have taken to wearing a pair of my dad's old enormous aviators in a mildly ironic way so my eyes don't fall off in the sun… xx

  2. Glad you posted it, at this rate we're never getting anything resembling summer! Love everything about this, the dress is gorgeous and I love the bag too. You look lovely. In total agreement about the wonder of sunglasses. In the summer there's just no need to spend ages perfecting your eye make up and as a fellow hay fever sufferer I fully appreciate the need for sunglasses, just hope I can break mine out some time soon. 🙁

  3. I love that I'm not the only one who uses sun glasses as an alternative to make up!
    I'm told that when the warm weather does kick in it will be very warm and last for a while so you should get plenty of opportunities to wear your dress – it's so lovely!

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