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trench coat back details
trench coat details
beige trench coat
Trench Coat* Antonio Croce from Vente Privee / Shorts ASOS / Clutch Bag* NOTHS / Shoes Miss Selfridge / Sunglasses* Pretavoir

Everyone has a certain style or a favourite outfit that gives them the most confidence and for me, this is it. It’s just a simple outfit consisting of a crisp, clean white blouse and smart black shorts (and I know it looks a bit like a waitress uniform) but it’s what I feel most comfortable and confident in. It’s unfussy and laid-back, and the addition of the beige trench coat transforms the casual outfit into something more chic. I know that on a day like today when the sun is beaming, the last thing you’re thinking about is grabbing a coat, but let’s not forget what our British Summer is like, though! It’s raining next week! (Lets hope the forecast is wrong!) This trench coat isn’t bulky at all and it’s made from a very thin and light weight material. It is from Italian designer, Antonio Croce. It’s now the most expensive item of clothing I have in my wardrobe, and it’s easy to see why I’ve fallen in love with it! I absolutely adore it! I have another beige trench coat which is from Miss Selfridge but it’s not quite like this one! 
I am really particular about coats being a certain length but I was told that because it is an Italian designer, the coat would come up small and I’m delighted that it does indeed fit like a glove! It has even made me look taller than I am! The coat, which also comes in lots of different colours, is on a FLASH SALE on Vente Privee for a limited time only.
If you haven’t heard of Vente Privee, it is a website that brings you the best deals and HUGE discounts on designer fashion and luxury brands up to 70% off retail price. The trench coat WAS £698 but is now reduced to £169, and I’ve had a look on Vente Privee today, some of the designs are reduced to £85 which is a match for high street coats/jacket prices! If you like shopping in Designer outlets, I would recommend checking out Vente Privee. Current brands that are having a sale on there include Calvin Klein Home, D&G, JustCavalli, Wonderbra, Valentino and a bunch of posh kitchenware brands! They’ve got a sale on Nike Golf coming up and as my parents are both very keen golfers, I’ll have to alert them about that! 
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28 thoughts on “Ways To Wear Beige Trench Coat | Classic British Style

  1. This is a beautiful trench! I have a cheapish beige trench coat but it's probably my favourite piece of outerwear, I always reach for it first if it's suited to the weather.

  2. You can never go wrong with a look like this – the simple white blouse and smart shorts would work with anything but the addition of a trench just adds so much sophistication. And that clutch! What a stunning piece. This is another one of those looks that I would gladly borrow from you, head to toe 🙂

  3. I think I screamed a little inside when I first saw this outfit! The is by far my favorite outfit I have seen on your blog, and I love how it carries a sophisticated yet relaxed vibe with the addition of the black shorts. I also struggle because I am extremely petite, so it encourages me that it is possible to look taller with the right clothes! Do you have any brands that you would recommend for heels or pumps? I am having an extremely hard time looking for a pair of comfortable black pumps. You have quickly become my favorite fashion blogger! 🙂

    Emily //

  4. I've never once seen you in an outfit less the perfected and so utterly your own, and I've been reading your blog for about three years! I wouldn't say you look like a waitress at all. More like someone who knows what suits them but still never ends up looking entirely the same.

    Now that the sun is out, it's reminded me that I have no idea how to dress for spring. So since I'm long overdue a read through your blog, I might just take a few cues from you. I highly doubt I could look have as polished though, but it's the thought that counts, right?

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say?


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