How to use LUSH Bubble Bars
LUSH bubble bars are my favourite bath products from their store. If you’ve never tried them before, you’re probably wondering what they are and how to use a LUSH bubble bar?
LUSH bubble bars is a really unique product that are an alternative to bath foam without the packaging or waste. And true to form, they come in all different shapes, size and scents.
Their bubble bars are are made to be snapped, crumbled, sliced, or chopped up in to small pieces and with that, you simply place the product under a running tap to create huge mounds of bubbles in your bath!
lush bubble bar
For larger shapes, you can slice them in chunks enough for 4 or 5 baths, but it all depends on how bubbly you like your baths. Some people like to use the whole piece in one go but I personally think that is a bit much!
lush unicorn horn
My personal all-time favourite is The Comforter and Brightside bubble bars (find out more about both of these here) which are part of their permanent, all-year-round collection.
But I felt adventurous during a recent trip to LUSH and couldn’t resist trying new bubble bars from their limited edition collection.
Unicorn Horn, £3.25:
Couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one as soon as I heard about it.
Unicorn Horn is a really pretty bubble bar with the prettiest swirls of colours, and I believe that there are supposed to be candy stars on the outside but none of the Unicorn Horns at the store at visited had them so either they’ve fallen off or they didn’t put any on!
With a creamy, lavender scent, Unicorn Horn is part of the LUSH Valentine’s Day collection, so sadly it will only be available around February time.
I’d love to see more “unicorn” themed products – it’s so pretty and right up my street!
lush rose bubble bar
Rose Bubble Bar, £3.95:
I heard that this one is inspired by the rose in Beauty And The Beast, but probably not widely advertised because we all know how heavy Disney lawyers comes down on businesses!
I love learning about the development process of product or the background story of what inspired a design, it makes it more special when you understand what the meaning of it and how it started it’s journey!
Rose Bubble bar has a subtle sweet rose scent with a kick of citrus and is part of the Mother’s Day collection. It’s fairly small compared to other, but you can easily get 2 baths out of this by snapping it in half.
lush bubblegrub
Bubblegrub Bubbleroon, £2.95:


Bubbleroons are similar to bubble bars in the way you use them. The only difference is that bubbleroon are formulated with shea butter so it makes the bathwater creamy and milky.
I couldn’t resist the Bubblegrub, and thought it looked really cute. As a customer in LUSH, it’s normal to smell a product before purchasing I just went on looks this time! I saw how adorable Bubblegrub was and decided to buy it.
Well, I got home that realised I didn’t like the scent at all. I can only describe it as a combination of stale wine mixed, soil and rotten fruit. Yikes.
I feel bad being mean about something so cute but I regret buying it. The overpowering scent is too earthy, smokey and woody for me and I didn’t end up using it all.
Bubblegrub is made with vetivert and sandalwood, is part of the Mother’s Day range. You can get two baths out of this one – but I don’t recommend this one (sorry Bubblegrub!)
Are you a fan of LUSH? Have you tried their bubble bars?
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18 thoughts on “How to use LUSH Bubble Bars

  1. Lovely mini reviews sarah! Love the sound of the unicorn horn & the rose bubble bar, would of bought em but have got far too many lush xmas sale products to go through first haha! xx

  2. The unicorn horn looks amazing! That looks like a definite must have! It's so pretty! Ahh. And the rose bubble bar looks absolutely darling. I wish I could buy out the entire Lush shop – everything is just sooo great. I loved this post, mainly because I love photos of Lush products!

    Abigail | Cheers to Now

  3. I've actually liked the bubblegrub just yesterday! I must say, everyone said, that the smell is awful but I absolutely loved it! Maybe it is because I have preferences for different scents! x

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