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My First Set of Make-Up Brushes

This is not only my first set of make-up brushes Crownbrush, but it is in fact my first proper set ever so I’m very excited about this!
Of course, being a wearer of make-up, I own the essential make-up brushes such as a stippling brush, foundation brush, one for eyeshadow, blush and powder – but they’re all mixed and matched from different various brands. Not that matching is important, but now I have a full and matching set from Crownbrush.

Let me introduce to you the fabulous 516 Syntho Set from Crownbrush* which are made from synthetic bristles. You might think that because they’re synthetic that they may be of a lower quality or thick and prickly but they’re actually very soft! The bristles will not absorb oils, making them the most hypoallergenic brushes available.

a set of make up brushes from Crownbrush UK
The only thing I was a bit iffy about was the strong smell when they first arrived. Although it was more of the bag it came in and not the brushes themselves that gave off such a plastic-y scent.

The brushes have been stored in a black leatherine (artificial leather) roll-up bag. The artificial leather roll-up bag that the brushes were stored is what made everything smell so strong so I won’t be using that. I have washed them and I’m storing them in a jar to let them air out.

make up brushes for face and base products
From left to right, the first four brushes are:

Flat Bronzer, Large Foundation, Powder Dome and Angle Blush – all are pretty self explanatory as to what they are and how to use them. The big brushes are often the ones I invest money in, I think it’s worth spending some time to find a really good quality one so that it blends the make-up in to your face smoothly and evenly. All four of these are excellent tools for base and powders.

Flat Bronzer: Hurrah! I finally have a bronzer brush to call my own! I have a growing collection of bronzers but haven’t got a decent brush to use it so I’m please this is part of the 516 set! The flatness of the brush makes it easier to buff the bronzer in. No more streaks and patches! Yay!

Large Foundation: This one is for applying liquid foundation or BB cream in quick and easy strokes. I do like to blend it all in with a stippling brush afterwards, though, so for me a large foundation is the first of two steps in the foundation process.

Powder Dome: I’m pretty fussy when it comes to powder brushes. I like them to be structure, fluffy and full, but not too dense or thick. This is a really soft brush which I’ve been using for setting powders, it’s a good size and  picks up the right amount of product. 

Angle Blush: I’ve always been very messy with my blusher, I press down on the powder quite hard and apply it on my cheeks in a circular motion. The Angle Blush brush allows me to be less heavy-handed and a bit more graceful when applying blusher. 
small brushes for eyes
crownbrush brush set for eye make up
On to the smaller brushes now and these are mainly for the eyes! The 516 set contains the following (from left to right):
Crease Brush: As I don’t have much of a crease on my eyelids, I use this as an eyeshadow brush. It is slightly too big so I use this for lighter eyeshadows.
Oval Eyeshadow: This would be easy for a lot of you to apply eyeshadow all over the eyelid. The most important thing is that it’s really soft so it doesn’t irritate the skin around the delicate eye area.
Angle Liner: Oh, I LOVE these! I have a few of them already but nothing as thick as this one. It creates a strong and prominent cat eye/winged liner.
Spoolie: This is used to separate your eyelashes when you’ve applied mascara to avoid the clumped up, spider leg look! I’ve been layering on two different types of mascara lately so a spoolie is much needed for combing out the excess.
Eyeliner: This is a small brush for precision or for adding a subtle definition to your eyes. I haven’t been using this one as much as I prefer the angled liner brush.
Mini Fan: I’ve always been intrigued by these but didn’t know what it was for and why I need it.  I think there’s a lot of ways in which a fan brush can be used, depending on the size and how dense. After enquiring about it, I have found out that this miniature fan is for brushing away loose pigments, or applying mascara. It can also be used for creating texture for creative looks. So, a great multipurpose brush which I’ll get the hang of soon!

For more, please visit Crownbrush for the full range!

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  1. I haven't heard about these brushes yet. They look great I need to try them. Thanks for sharing.

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