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It’s always exciting to try out new make-up, especially when you’ve been in your comfort zone for so long. With both blusher and lipstick, I tend to stick to a certain shades and then I’ll just buy those same colours from different brands. When A La Carte kindly asked me to choose a couple of things, I decided to venture out and pick colours I wouldn’t normally go for. You know what I mean! The ‘oh, this is so pretty but I’m not sure if it will suit me’ type of shades.
I’ve only heard of A La Carte from a beauty box where I received an eyebrow definer but the shade wasn’t suitable for me so I couldn’t use it. They offer a whole range of products from cosmetics to skincare, and even offer a bespoke consultation service where you can create your own palette, mix your own eyeshadow and lipstick, or blend a custom foundation to match your skin tone perfectly. I think that’s a really great option for special occasions like when you’re getting married.
All of their products are made from the finest ingredients with the majority of the products parabens (only water-based products contain a small quantity of preservatives). They don’t test on animals, and everything from A La Carte is suitable for vegetarians. 
a la carte lipstick, coral lipstick
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A La Carte Moisture Plus Lipstick*
There were so many lipsticks and lipglosses to choose from. There are 15 lip products in total, and each of those have a wide choice of shades and finishes. I’m not familiar with A La Carte lip products, and I don’t often hear about them either so I didn’t know what the formula is like. I thought I’d play it safe by going for the Moisture Plus Lipstick, it sounds like it would condition my lips and keep them moisturised throughout the day. The formula is described as rich, creamy and conditioning – sounded pretty perfect to me. 
It was quite difficult to pick a shade because I knew that what I saw on the screen would be different to what it is in real life. I would normally go straight for a hot pink but I wanted to try coral this time. As you can see, Coral is a really lovely shade and when I swatched it on the back of my hand, things looks promising.
However, when I applied it on to my lips, it didn’t blend as well as it show on the swatch. I have dry lips so I used a sugar scrub prior to application, but it still picked up on tiny flaws. It does cling on every imperfection, similar to what a matte lipstick does. In fact, the finish of Coral was in betwee a matte and cream, there isn’t much of a sheen to it. Your lips need to be 100% absolutely perfect before using the A La Carte Moisture Plus Lipstick. For me, it was difficult to make it work but for those who are used to wearing matte lipsticks, this would be great for you. The formula is creamy and the lipstick itself is very comfortable to wear. The colour pay off is great too, so I am a bit gutted that it isn’t completely suitable for me. Perhaps I will give it another go in the Summer time. 
There are 57 shades available in Moisture Plus range, and retail at £23 each.
pink blusher, pink blush, a la carte matte blush touch
A La Carte Matte Touch Blush*
I’m not as fussy when it comes to blushers, and there aren’t many faults that I can pick in powder blushers just as long as they’re not packed with nasty chemicals – which A La Carte is free from.
Again, just like the lipsticks, there are a lot of choices such as cheek tint, powders, creams, bronzer, highlighters… several to choose from! I picked the Matte Blush Touch powder for cheeks in the shade ‘Blush’. There I don’t think there’s a single shade I wouldn’t be happy with in the Matte Blush Touch collection, I love them all but I picked Blush as I don’t have anything as light as this. 
Blush is a powder pink and I was expecting it to transfer on to skin as such, but it’s goes on slightly brighter than you’d think. It’s high in pigment and looks very ‘rosy pink’ on your cheeks with a lovely matte finish! It doesn’t cake it and it isn’t streaky. The packaging is nice too, it’s shiny, high quality and comes with a plastic protective flap so that the powder doesn’t cause the mirror to be dusty and dirty. A small brush is included with it too which actually works well as a blush brush. I would definitely try the other blushers, and maybe try the cream blush next time.
I would highly recommend the Matte Blush Touch, which is available in 25 colours at £30 or you can create your own unique shade. A La Carte is available to buy from their website.
Have you tried anything from A La Carte before? As I’m new to the brand, I’d love to know what your recommendations are!
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