lush haul, lush cosmetics haul winter, lush haul winter 2014
I went shopping in York last week and couldn’t help but treat myself to a few things in LUSH. I had just used up the stuff I got in the Halloween box, so it was time to buy more bath bombs and bubble bars! Here’s what I got:
lush haul, lush cosmetics haul winter, lush haul winter 2014


This time, I bought three bubble bars and three bath bombs and my aim is to make these last up to Christmas. I wanted to try some of the ones I had read about on blogs and reviewed on YouTube. 

lush christmas penguin, christmas penguin bubble bar
The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar
I’ve always resisted this little guy, I’ve not been tempted until now! I decided to pick this penguin up because I really liked using the Wizard bubble bar, which I think is similar to the Christmas Penguin. It’s adorable but it kind of bugs me it leans to one side. All the ones at York were wonky and chipped away but I managed to get one that was still in tact, if a little lopsided. 
cinders bath bomb
Cinders Bath Bomb
I watched Fleur De Force’s recent LUSH haul in which she described how much she loved Cinders and that convinced me to pick one of these up for myself. I’ve come to the realisation that I’m not overly keen on bath bombs but I do like the small ones and Cinders is a cute, little, diddy one! It’s a sweet and spicy scent with popping candy in it to add to the “fireside” crackling effect. How very wintery!
brightside bubble bar, the comforter bubble bar, bubble bars from lush
Brightside Bubble Bar
Want to pretend you’re bathing in a tub of orange juice? You got it! If you like your body products to be citrusy, then look no further than the Brightside Bubble Bar! Brightside contains tangerine, mandarin and bergamot and turns your bath water bright orange! (“Who loves orange soda?!”) I’ve sliced this large bubble bar into five slices to use at five separate times. Crumbling up a small chunk of it under warm, running water gives a good amount of bubbles!
The Comforter Bubble Bar
If Brightside makes your bath water look like orange juice, then The Comforter turns it in to Ribena! The Comforter is quite possibly my all time FAVOURITE Lush product ever! I absolutely LOVE the smell of this! It has cassis absolute in it which gives it a blackcurrant scent and makes The Comforter smell like Ribena or Vimto (yum!) I actually can’t stop smelling it, it is so good! I highly recommend this bubble bar, be sure to pick it up next time you’re in LUSH! Same with Brightside, I’ve cut this bubble bar in to five slices.
lush think pink bath bomb
Think Pink  Bath Bomb
Another one of the smaller bath bombs, Think Pink is a sweet one with a fragrance of vanilla and caramel. It also has lavender and neroli for it’s calming properties so you feel relaxed whilst soaking in the bubble bath. As the bath bomb dissolves, there will be a scatter of paper heart confetti flowing around you in the bath water. Perfection!
granny takes a dip bath bomb, lush granny takes a dip
Granny Takes A Dip  Bath Bomb
This is another one that I’ve seen do the rounds in the blogging world. I didn’t buy it for myself though, I bought this one for my little sister who is coming to stay with me next weekend! I thought I’d treat her to an early Christmas present and I think she will really like Granny Takes A Dip, it looks like a fun one! It will make her bath look like a rainbow! ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎
Have you tried any of these LUSH products? Would love to know what you think of them!
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24 thoughts on “LUSH Haul – Winter

  1. I've heart nothing but good things about the comforter but always end up going for a cheaper option in Lush – I WILL try it before Christmas though!


  2. I love Lush!! Especially at Christmas time 🙂 been in myself recently and got a few bits. Regretting not getting Cinders now! But I got The Comforter as well 🙂 Such a great one, definitely my favourite product from them.

    Kat x

  3. Times like these, I really, really wish I had a bath instead of just a shower in my flat.

    Lush products look so beautiful, and the scent combinations just make my mouth water! That penguin is so cute also! It kind of looks more like a snowman.


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