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To celebrate the release of The Best Of Me DVD, I received an exciting ‘girls night in’ themed package which contained the DVD (of course), a new set of PJ’s and a bunch of ‘I Love…” pamper goodies! 
the best of me dvd, beauty blog uk, beauty blogger uk, i love cosmetics
That’s an exciting parcel, right?! I couldn’t help but dig right in to the pamper goodies (naturally!), so I tested, sprayed and lathered!
I always think that I Love… is a fun, budget version of Philosophy. They’re not part of the same company but there are some similarities. The new I Love… collection are mango and papaya, strawberries and cream, raspberry and blackberry, coconut and cream, peachy passionfruit, and vanilla and ice cream! Tell me your mouth isn’t watering right now! In addition to the new range, there is also lemon and limes, minty choco chip, juicy watermelon, and honey almond. They come in various products such as body butter, bubble bath, shower gels, body sprays, lip balm, lip gloss, hand cream, body lotion, body exfoliator, and hand wash. 
My pamper package contained the following products for me to try:
 beauty blog uk, beauty blogger uk, i love cosmetics
Strawberries and Cream Body Butter, £2.99
This is a really affordable body butter, it costs only £2.99! It looks a like The Body Shop body butters, both 200ml tubs and just like The Body Shop body butters, this strawberries and cream also contains parabens, but to be fair, their body butters, along with their lip products, are the only product in their range that does contains parabens. The consistency isn’t as thick as The Body Shop’s, it feels more creamy than it does buttery but it is moisturising, easy to spread and absorbs quickly. The smell is a bit on the artificial side, but pleasant all the same.
Raspberry and Blackberry Bubble Bath and Shower Creme, £2.99
I love my bath products so I think this one’s my favourite out of the bunch. It’s just a standard bubble bath with a nice juicy scent to it. You can pour it under running tap for a relaxing bubble bath, or lather straight on to skin when you’re having a shower. 
Mango and Papaya Hand Lotion, £1.99
Another lovely hand lotion to add to my huge stash of them! I have got in to the habit of using them every hour or two! I’m going to save this Mango and Papaya hand lotion for the Summer time because it’s just a lovely, summery scent. It feels refreshing and it absorbs in to skin very quickly without feeling greasy. It contains coconut oil and shea butter to help your hands feeling smooth and nourished.
Mango and Papaya Body Spritzer, £2.99
Remember when body sprays were all the rage when you were in secondary school? My friends and I were obsessed with Impulse and I always had one in my school bag. These days, I’m more about the deodorants (with a antiperspirant properties) and perfumes (scent lasts longer), I don’t remember the last time I used a body spray or spritzer – I don’t know if they really do anything apart from a quick burst of fragrance that fades after an hour – but I’m glad it has made it’s way back in to my life, it brings back some good memories! I suppose it does feel refreshing to use after a shower on a hot day and it is nice to use after a body cream to prolong the scent. I’ll save this one for the Summer too.
Minty Choco Chip Lip Balm, £1.25

The balm itself is white with a green heart through the core which is a cute little detail. It smells minty but I don’t detect the chocolate fragrance. A nice lip balm for £1.25 but the white balm makes my lips white! The balm isn’t transparent and when you use it straight from the stick to lips, it goes on quite thick, like a lotion. Although it’s fine when you blend it in with your fingers. I will still keep this in my make-up bag as a back up but I won’t be repurchasing it.
I Love… Cosmetics are available in Superdrug, Boots, Matalan and Argos.
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10 thoughts on “Affordable Pamper Products

  1. I love the I Love… Cosmetics range! Have done since they first came out yearrrrs ago!

    I've noticed that they have more of a range over in Spain than we get here and that makes me sad. 🙁

    My favourite scent by them is Blueberry Smoothie, it smells just like the blue raspberry ice blasts you get at the cinema. 😛

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